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Always and Forever

Don’t give up.
Don’t give up on love just because you haven’t found it yet.
It is there and will come to you when the time is right.

In the meantime look, look around for the kind of love you want.
The kind you long for at night when you can’t sleep.
It may be hard because you’ve been hurt before,
But don’t forget that not all girls are the same.
The right girl won’t want to hurt you; she will just want to love you,
Love you fully and completely.

This girl is going to make your heart feel amazing.
She is going to make you smile,
Not only will your lips smile, but your eyes will too.
Those beautiful eyes of yours will shine like there is no tomorrow.

With her she will not only want a tomorrow,
She will want the next day after that too.
She will never want to lose you and you won’t want to lose her either.

When you are finally in love with this girl,
You will feel on top of the world.
There will be no worries, she will take all those away.

The songs you sing will mean the world to her.
The songs you write will mean even more.

When you find that girl, she is going to be your everything.
Don’t lose her, or you may lose yourself in the process.

When the love you were seeking for is found,
Hold onto it.
Keep it forever plus a day.


Real Words for the Real World. Youth Poetry that speaks the truth.

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