Batteries, the Environment and You

Enviro Ethan by Enviro Ethan October 30, 2017

Stop and think: if each one of us did just little things for the environment every day, it would all add up to a very big difference.

For example, how do people in your home dispose of dead batteries?

Did you know that billions of batteries are purchased every year? That means millions of toxic metal objects are tossed in landfills.

This means…

Batteries can vaporize and pollute the air when they are burned.

Batteries can pollute our water.

Battery components can leach from landfill and pollute the environment

This means, if batteries are not properly discarded our environment is at risk!

What can you do?

Use rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are better than they’ve ever been before. The newest ones are now as reliable, as convenient, and as easy to use regular alkaline batteries. Most come pre-charged and hold a charge longer than disposable batteries. And the great thing is, they are recyclable when they’re finished.

So, the next time you:

  1. Need a battery, think rechargeable – think recyclable.
  2. Need to dispose of batteries, look for a Recycling and Waste centre near you.

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