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Daddy’s Little Princess

Once upon a time, there was a king, a queen and their kids – a prince and a princess. They all lived happily in a castle.

One day when the princess came home, the king and queen sat her down with the prince. They said that although their love for them was endless, their love for each other was a hassle.

The princess ran off with tears down her face, while the prince just sat there in silence. They could not comprehend how this was the end; a royal family no longer they’d be.
The days slowly went by, until the king moved out and into a castle of his own. The princess cried and she begged and pleaded to live with the king in his castle. But the queen would not let her be free.

Only two weeks later, against the queen’s word, the princess moved in with the king. Everything, at last, seemed just right, until that sad, sad day, when the king brought ‘her’ in.

She wasn’t a queen; she was barely a princess, and no, I’m not talking about age. She wasn’t that pretty because she was terribly rude and the way that God made her, a sin.
She was there more and more as the summer progressed. It seemed she had no other friends. But soon enough she left, and was seen less and less, yet sadly, she took with her the king.

The princess couldn’t understand how the king could just leave her after fighting so hard in her honour. The princess was devastated to see the real man behind the big shiny armour.

The days seemed so long every time the king was gone, but as soon as he was back it was great. Until one fateful night, he stayed with the witch and left the princess to fend for herself. The next day when he came home, he brought her a gift; the king was always a charmer.

It was great once again. He was home more and more. It seemed he had banished the witch. The princess was so overjoyed at last to finally have the king back. Then once again just days later, the king left again, this time he was gone for much longer. The princess feared the worst and just sat down and cried. She realized that this was the end.

The summer came to an end and she was well into school when the prince told her she had to move. She was being packed away and sent back to the queen. The king was going with the witch.

Her worst fear had come true. She was left alone, her castle crumbling, the new royal family once again split. She now finally knew it; he wasn’t a king, just a daddy caught up in some love.

The girl – no longer a princess – was back in her home which did not resemble a castle. There were no knights and court jesters, no dragons and witches. Just people who once had meant so much to her.

It was all over now, her family torn apart, her perfect princess life all a lie. She still sits and dreams of it and can’t help but wonder why.


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