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A Pinky Promise

Laugh out loud because no one knows how we feel.

We were the old school kind of love,

The one where we were best friends.

We told each other everything.

I miss your style, your band tees and your tight jeans.

Your old school Airwalks,

And your pink and green hat,

That you always wore.

When your arms were around me,

It felt so right,

You seemed to be my safety blanket.

This is all in past tense,

But soon enough it will be present tense.

Keep on going, never give up.

Our fingers will intertwine soon enough.

You will be my safety blanket once again.

You will be home because home,

Home is where the heart is.

And you have mine and I have yours.

So when we are finally together,

And at peace we will be at home.

We will last forever, no matter what happens,

I promise you.

A pinky promise can mean more,

Than two little fingers wrapping around each other.

It’s trust and luck and willing and want.

It’s everything we will need.

So wrap your finger around mine and kiss it.

It will be fine in the end, I pinky promise you.


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