Finally teens have a chance to express themselves and be published, filling a very real need in Atlantic Canada.

A curious facilitator discovered throughout the years of working with youth that  “Teens ask the same questions today that where asked years ago”. Although the times have changed – teens are in a much faster era, with technology at their fingertips – they’re still asking the questions. No one seems to be listening to them.  From the powerful suggestions given by teens, to help the facilitator on her journey to show the world just what makes teens tick, Teens Now Talk was born.

Teens Now Talk is an explosive literary vehicle responding to the needs and wants of today’s teens in the HRM and Atlantic Canada. We are committed to raising teen awareness, confidence, self- esteem and motivation to a level where teens will discover tools and resourceful outlets through creative writing, expression and art.

What are the bigest issues affecting teens today?

Written by teens, for teens; Atlantic Canadian teen issues, viewpoints and concerns will ignite and educated the writer and reader. Their teen voices will generate interest, stimulate creativity and provide the creation of content.  TNT platform involves teens addressing teens key issues of today, on social, physical, mental, educational, spiritual, and emotional struggles. Our platform will provide teens with  oppuntunities to showcase and express their dynamic creative abilities in the form of… poetry, short stories, art, spoken word or song while receiving DaBomb Braggin’ Rights.

T.N.T. understands that teens are the future leaders and developers of our community, and we also believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, we operate as a movement on a grass-roots community level, igniting and empowering teens of the ages 13-19 to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be the Teen VOICE of the future, as they Write Their World.

Shout out to all Teens

We invite you to become a part of the experience you’ve been waiting for – a chance to have your creativity seen and your voices heard. Thousands of teens are listening and thousands more silently feel the same way as you.

Submit your original short stories, spoken word, life articles, poetry, song lyrics, art and more… Get it off your chest…Write your world – send them all in!

Write it in a short story
Or rhyme it in a poem
Rap it to a tight beat
Around your life, school or home
Draw it…Write it… Speak it…
Just get it off your chest
Then submit it to Teens Now Talk
And we will do the rest!

by Masterpiece