The Lady Behind the Magazine

Meet the lady behind the magazine and one of the most sought-after public speakers

Ms. Jessica Bowden M.S.M., Founder, and CEO of Teens Now Talk magazine received the Meritorious Service Medal from Governor General David Johnston on December 11, 2015, at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

There is one thing WE ALL have in common, regardless of our age, nationality, sexuality, religion, and economic background, yet, no one talks about it, and believe me, you won’t see it posted on a billboard.

We all have a little person inside with the desire to belong, achieve, and have Braggin’ Rights!

In 2007, Jessica Bowden M.S.M. started Teens Now Talk Magazine to give youth the power of Braggin’ Rights. Over 300 real youth are seen in each issue with local teen(s) on the cover, teens writing columns, and teens being the photographers, videographers, journalists, event planners, and more. “We understand youth see the world through a different set of values and lens, there is a huge urge to belong, be seen, be heard, and have a voice,” says Jessica (or Ms. B, as she is known to the TNT team).

“Today’s youth see the struggles their parents are having trying to keep a JOB (Just Over Broke), the debt, and the stress. Today’s youth are striving to carve out a career and it is our responsibility to not talk about it, but show them how to use their hobbies to become an entrepreneur. Teens Now Talk has been successfully applying the action, engaging the youth, and producing powerful results since 2005.” Teens Now Talk has won numerous awards, and is read by teens and their parents throughout Nova Scotia and via subscription, across Canada, into the US, and as far away as Kenya! The teens who have worked on the TNT team have started out as volunteers, and come back as a part of the team as professional journalists, illustrators, event planners etc.

I am honoured to be amongst such a powerful group of individuals

So the youth and the magazine have earned some Braggin’ Rights—and just recently, Ms. B earned some new ones herself! In December 2015, she went to Rideau Hall in Ottawa where she was awarded the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal, presented by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada!

Ms. B. is the living proof that if you Dream It, you can Be It. She went from being a 17-year-old single parent being told “no” at every door she knocked on, to being a top-ten professional model and choreographer, the first African Nova Scotian to win the Model Search of Canada, the first female African Nova Scotian bodybuilding champion, a master hairdresser, fashion and hair salon owner, actress, author and one of the most sought-after international wardrobe consultant, personal development facilitator, international inspirational speaker, and the publisher and founder of the magazine you’re reading right now!

Ms. Bowden and Teens Now Talk has received countless accolades and prestigious awards with the most recent being the Meritorious Service Medal, presented by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada. Others include The Justice Minister’s Award for Leadership in Crime Prevention – Business Leader; the Progress Women of Excellence Award for innovator and entrepreneur; induction to the Dr. W.P. Oliver Wall of Honour Black Cultural Centre; the HRM Volunteer award, and Hali-Award.

Congratulations to Nova Scotia’s own Jessica Bowden!

Jessica Bowden, publisher, CEO, and founder of Teens Now Talk magazine, is one of 43 Canadians who received the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal presented by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada on December 11, 2015, at Rideau Hall in Ottawa!

Our youth have the keys to change our futures, says Jessica, and to know the publications and the work the youth are doing is empowering the youth in Nova Scotia, engaging youth throughout Canada, and being recognized with this prestigious honor, shows the powerful explosive of Teens Now Talk has just begun.

“I’m very proud to present the Meritorious Service Decorations to a growing community of deserving recipients,” said the Governor General. “In recognizing exceptional deeds that have strengthened our society, this honour celebrates the efforts of some remarkable Canadians while inspiring others to achieve similar heights.”


Jessica M. Bowden, M.S.M.

As the founder and CEO of the Teens Now Talk magazine, Jessica Bowden has raised teens’  awareness, confidence, and motivation by giving them an opportunity to find their authentic authorial voice. With sustained engagement, she has empowered teens to discover new tools and resourceful outlets through creative writing, expression, and art.

About the Meritorious Service Decorations (Civil Division)
The Meritorious Service Decorations are separated into military and civil divisions, with two levels each: a cross and a medal. Created in 1991, the Civil Division recognizes individuals who have performed an exceptional deed or activity that brought honour to their community or to Canada.

 “I am honoured to be amongst such a powerful group of individuals”, says Ms. Jessica Bowden M.S.M. On behalf of Teens Now Talk, Congratulations, everyone!

official photographer: Credit: Sgt Ronald Duchesne, Rideau Hall, OSGG