BEA’s 13th REP Provincial 2019 Spelling BEE

You could BEE next! See you at the upcoming 2019 Spelling BEE

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Kaleb Williams BEEcomes the 2018 Spelling BEE Champion


2018 Provincial Participants


Each youth knows there can only BEE one. 
Everyone knows on this day there will be a winner; nobody knows who. After 31 heart-stopping rounds with the crowd
moaning and the final three participants holding onto the edge of their seats, Kaleb Williams is crowned after correctly spelling the word “brilliant”.

TNT asked Kaleb, what made the difference this year?
“I usually get eliminated in the first or second round in previous competitions,”
said Kaleb. “This year, I read a page of words a day, used them in a sentence, and put myself in a better position to BEE a winner.”

Kaleb, 13, #80, attends Saint Andrew Junior School in Antigonish and takes part in BEA’s (CAEP) cultural academic enrichment program. “I had stiff competition,” said Kaleb, “and at times it was anyone’s win.” Mya Gloade, age 13, placed second and Sebastian Barrington, age 15, placed third. Both powerful spellers attend Truro Junior High School (Northern Region) and are participants in the Truro CAEP.

Things happen when you BEElieve. Click to see some 2018 photos

See YOU next year on the stage.


Come out to the  BEA’s 13th REP Provincial Spelling BEE and BEE apart of the action while cheering on the spellers.

Youth from Cape Breton, Strait, Northern, Valley,  Dartmouth, Halifax,  and Southwest Regions,  take the stage with the goal to BEEcome the 13th REP Provincial Spelling BEE Winner.

Mark this date May 11, 2019, and come out to show your support for the unBEElievable future spellers.

GO ON! Click on me the BEE to see some BEEyond awesome 2018 Regional speller’s photos 

BEE ThereBEA's 12th REP Provincial Spelling BEE May 12, 2018

YES, MORE Photos of the 2018 Provincial Winner’s circle.


7 Regional Spelling BEE’s happening around Nova Scotia, dates and locations TBA.

  1. Halifax Region – Contact Regional Educator – Roger Johnson
  2. Dartmouth Region – Contact Regional Educator Deborah Emmerson – Thursday, March 7, 2019, at Nelson Whynder School. 4:30 – 8:00 pm
  3. Northern Region – Contact Regional Educator – Crystal States
  4. Valley Region – Contact Regional Educator – Patricia McCulloch
  5. Cape Breton Region – Contact Regional Educator  -Tiffany Perry
  6. Strait Region – Contact Regional Educator – Juanita Byard
  7. Southwest Region – Contact Regional Educator – Brenda Francis


Qualifying spellers will compete at the Provincials BEE, May 11, 2019!

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