Date Breakers! Part 1

by Diva June 30, 2019

To Date, or not to Date...That is the Question.

Let’s face it: if your first date is baddd, your second date … well, there won’t be one. The key is knowing where things went wrong on that critical first date. Hopefully, these first date “oh no’s” will help with date number two, three, four…


Spilling your guts is great if you’re talking to a therapist, but it can make for a messy first date. The last thing anyone wants on a first date is to be sitting across from someone, trying to console them as they’re sobbing over their food. To avoid a possibly awkward situation, start slow with the deep talk, ask questions and bring your listening ears. Save the heavy stuff for later.

I’m All About Me

Yes, you need to tell your date about yourself, but when the night becomes all about you bragging about your many awards, trips, habits, and hobbies, from the first hello to the (if your date can get in) “goodnight,” it’s a real turn-off and a big cry for attention! Being humble is hot; bragging till you’re red in the face is not. Besides, how are you going to find out IF you both have something in common, if all he or she is hearing is “about you?”

Oh, My Arm Slipped

Come on, how many times can one’s arm slip, or require stretching? Better yet, if you’re still using that move, you’re in trouble and so are your chances for date number two! Remember, the first date is to get to know each other. If your date opens their arms for a hug goodnight, it means just that – they want a hug goodnight! Don’t break the touch barrier on the first date and your date will respect you because you respect yourself.

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