Date Breakers! Part 2

by Diva July 7, 2019

To date or not to date, that is the ?... again

Let’s face it: if your first date is baddd, your second date … well, there won’t be one. The key is knowing where things went wrong on that critical first date. Hopefully, these first date “oh no’s” will help with date number two, three, four…

I’m All That: 

You want to break the ice so you joke about how lazy, clueless, manic, and prone to addictions you are. Well, guess what? You just crossed the line from being charming to unattractive very quickly. Even though this is an easy way to get a laugh and can show that you’re humble and can poke fun at yourself, don’t do it too often; it sends out a bad message. Your date is just getting to know you, and if you say you’re all that, why would your date want another date?

Nasal Nightmare: 

“Good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere” – Elvis Costello. You guessed it. Don’t let your breath betray you, because no matter how charming you are, if your date’s nose says no, you’ll be out of luck. So do your checklist: hose off before leaving the house, look your best, check your teeth for stowaways and carry things like gum and mints. Remember, you want them to say “Ummm” when they think of you, not “Ewww.”

You Got Luggage: 

So you want to show how together you are by trashing your past dates? WRONG. This just sends a message that you’re hurting or, better yet, that you have luggage that needs to go out with the next flight…not dumped on your first date! What was in the past should be left in the past. Contrary to popular belief, making fun of someone else doesn’t make you look better, only nastier. Oh, did I mention that your date will possibly be thinking that if you can trash your past date that fast, how fast will you trash on him or her?

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