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by Emily Educator November 9, 2019


The  Teens Now Talk office was packed with excitement as  six youth attending the 9th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO, will receive tickets to attend “A Conversation with President Barack Obama.” November 13th, 2019 at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax.

Six Passport 2 Youth Success XPO receives A Conversation With Obama Tickets

We caught up with the lady behind the XPO and the push to have Obama visit the event,  Jessica Bowden M.S.M. CEO of Teens Now Talk and =ITY –  Inspiring Today’s Youth Society Founder and lead XPO organizer.

The XPO stars aligned lol! Our award-winning 9th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO packed with thousands of diverse youth change agents, 3 kilometers away and on the same day as Mr. Obama’s visit to Halifax. We had to reach for the Moon.  This is a once in a lifetime event to have youth see and hear the 44th President of the United States.

Talk About A Coincidence

The  P2YS XPO 2019 theme is – If U C It, U Can B It!

The 9th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO aka P2YS XPO presented by Inspiring Today’s Youth Society ( =ITY) and hosted by Teens Now Talk, takes place on November 13th and 14th,  2019 at the Halifax Forum. View last year’s mini video and witness the communITY  IMPACT.

The two-day XPO has become a mecca for Nova Scotian youth to gain key information and opportunities. Every year, thousands of diverse young scholars in grades 9 –12 are introduced to tons of businesses and organizations that can assist in the development of their personal, educational and career goals.  See Previous XPO Photos

“We know that behind every key role in our society, there is a great role model to enhance, educate, empower and inspire the future of today’s youth.” 
— Jessica Bowden, M.S.M

“Among the thousands of youth attending the P2YS XPO, are the innovators and change agents who will inherit, reshape and become the caretakers of the future. Youth who will continue to disrupt the cycle of racism and poverty, and find cures and solutions for the global medical, environmental and social issues that transcend our borders,” says Jessica Bowden M.S.M. CEO of Teens Now Talk and  =ITY Founder and lead XPO organizer.

“We tell our youth to reach for the moon and if they miss, they will land on the stars”, says Jessica, and I want to give a shout out to one powerful Oxford school Youth, who caught our attention,  13 year old Eve Wedderburn, who invites Barack Obama on a tour of the Imhotep’s Legacy Academy, after-school Imhopt (STEM) program she attends. We hope the Obama’s take her up on her offer , so help us help her. Read and share her post.  Read full artical

The P2YS XPO team knew also with Mr. Obama going to be in Halifax on the same day as 1000’s of students will be attending the  Passport 2 Youth Success XPO, presented by =ITY, Inspiring Today’s Youth Society’s, would be perfect opportunITY to reach for the moon.

The P2YS XPO team reached out and sent requests and support letters from numerous organizations for Mr. Obama to utilize this most auspicious coincidence and unique platform to stop by, say a few words to Inspire Today’s Youth.

“Yes, a big ask”, says Jessica,” but wait, like many of you readers, I was told, if you don’t ask, you won’t get and if you don’t try, you’ll never know!!”

“This also was a great experience of selflessness, for my ask was so thousands of diverse youth age 13- 17 attending the XPO, be recognized at the table for change and possibly have the ability to be apart of history happening on that day. Although we never hear anything back YET, there is always next year’s 10th XPO.”

On Nov 13, 2019, we will hand out six tickets for youth to partake in this historic event, “A conversation with Barack Obama,” Teen Team Lead. We are excited the youth will hear the 44th President of the United States, empower not only those who have already “made it,” but also those who are on their way, need encouragement, to believe and reach for the moon.

To the numerous communITY members who wrote letters and shown your support, Thank You! We have youth resting on the stars for now!

Thanks to Nova Scotia Co-operative Council and Credit Union Atlantic for making this happen for everyone. Future Leaders Sponsors for gifting tickets and BBI for distributing to us.

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