Voting in Your First Election!

by Nava October 18, 2017

You Matter
Your Voice Matters
Your Vote is Your Voice
You are the Vote That will Make the Change!

You Matter!

Voting is a super important part of our democratic society, and whether you know it or not, you are super lucky to be able to vote (maybe not yet…but one day!).

You have the right to VOTE

Your Voice Matters!

Voting is your opportunity to be heard! Everyone should know their political stance because everything is political. From the environment to where you shop, what you buy, how you think and the choices you make. If you don’t have a political opinion, you don’t have any opinion at all. It is important that everyone has their own point of view, something they can fight for and something they can voice their opinion for. All you need is an outlook on what would make the world a better place. To have a political opinion is to have a voice.

Your Vote is Your Voice!

But maybe you don’t have a political opinion because you don’t know what your options are. Don’t feel alone, there are many youths thinking the same way. To help you become more familiar with the process and your needs; talk to your parents and teachers, do some research, read books on politics and go online. Then ask yourself, “Would the world and I be better if this kind of government was in power?” — and that becomes your political viewpoint.

You are the Vote That will Make the Change!

You may not be old enough to vote yet, but you will vote one day, and if you don’t have an opinion, your vote will be wasted!

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