How do you feel oil spills and pollution are affecting you-th and your environment?

by Enviro Ethan June 18, 2019

Local teens responded to damage throughout the ocean, including oil spills hitting coastlines.

These spills pose a serious threat to fishermen’s livelihoods, marine habitats, beaches, wildlife and human health.

Brace yourselves, these youth are not scientists yetbut they are the future, and their views count!

The Unseen Gases – “The threat of oil spills is visible to marine life, but I think we should look at air quality. Some oils can be very toxic and those gases entering the air will travel, posing a threat to human society and affecting our ecosystem today and tomorrow.”

The Food Chain – With global village systems, it affects so many people other then where it happens, the food chain for example. I am no scientist but I know the basic eco-chain: we have the small fish who are eaten by the big fish, the fish who are eaten by humans … those humans are us, and who knows what sicknesses we’ll have in the future.

You Can’t Swim – “I don’t like that there are people out there who feel they can take from the earth, hurt the environment and have no plan in place to step in and fix it when needed.”

The Wildlife – “The oil is affecting the animals and the fish, which in turn is hurting the fishing industry down in the southern states, but some of their product comes to us which affects us based on the price. And I am nervous the oil spill may make it way closer to us.”

The Drinking Water – “They say Canada has the most fresh water in the world, and this spill may affect the ecosystem and jeopardize our fresh water – and how we take water for granted.”

Human Health – “I am afraid, just knowing this spill will affect us, our water, our food … to me it proves those government bodies are not ready for any major incident, this spill has been going on for how long? And the industry has not found a way to contain or resolve the issue.”

Our Future – “This oil spill may set a precedent for finding preemptive solutions instead of finding solutions after the fact. This is good for any crisis.”

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