Ocean Sole helps the environment and create jaw-dropping art

by Enviro Ethan September 11, 2018

Have you seen the video about Ocean Sole, the company that turns flip-flops into art?

Cheyenne and Caleb certainly did and decided they had to see it for themselves! They travelled to Nairobi to pay them a visit. once there, they witness how old flip-flops are turned into art.

Cheyenne in Kenya visiting Ocean SoleOcean Sole is an ocean conservation group in Nairobi, Kenya, that promotes the oceans by turning pollution washed up on beaches into art and functional products.

Millions of discarded flip-flops are posing major hazards to our oceans. Flip-flop artist Francis Mutua guides us through their work, where over 900 Kenyans have found support and employment.

Their mission is to become a global leader in helping ordinary people start businesses in the name of conservation.

Watch the video and let’s all  continue to do our part to help our environment!

See more of Cheyenne’s Journey to Kenya and read about her Comfort Blankets.project

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