Fashion is YOU!

by Sidney MacIntyre March 17, 2019

You are the designer of your closet!

When designing a look or style, make sure it speaks volumes about your personality. Have fun with colours and mix-and-matching, include all aspects of you in your look, and lastly, don’t forget hair and makeup.

School fashion today, beachwear tomorrow!

  1. Dress however you want to dress, whatever you feel comfortable with.
  2. A lot of people now are dyeing their hair more than they were a couple years ago – more people are accepting this now. For summer or Fall, you can go with a fun, bright colour for your hair.
  3. Summer means wearing shorter dresses and skirts but then you put on some pattern tights and voila, you have a new look for Fall.


Cleaning Your Closet for any Season

You’re probably tired of hearing your mom yell at you to clean your room, but look on the bright side: you can make room for more great fashions while helping others!

First, you need to go through your closet and get ready to make three piles.

  1. Pile: Pile up the fashions you have tucked in your closet that don’t fit you anymore. When you’re finished, place them in a bag and deliver them to a shelter. Remember, others may not be as fortunate as you.
  2. Pile: This pile should hold all the clothing you found that might be torn or stained. Put these items in a bag and take them to the quilting center, where people turn old rags into beautiful blankets for the homeless.
  3. Pile: Put items in this pile that need to be washed before going back into your closet. Yes, we’re suggesting you do your laundry and put your clothes back. This won’t make any space for new back-to-school clothes, but it’s still important.

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