100% Nova Scotia Strong

by Jessica Bowden April 22, 2020

Our City and Families Mourns!  Our Hearts Breaks! As Nova Scotians, Our Communities will stand 100% Nova Scotia Proud and Strong for the many families, children, and friends affected by the recent tragedy in Portapique, Nova Scotia. 

100 Nova Scotia Proud and Strong T's with profit going to families of mass shooting in Portapique, Nova Scotia

100 Nova Scotia Proud and Strong T’s & HOODIES sold in APRIL 2020, ALL profits going to families of the mass shooting in Portapique, Nova Scotia

As Nova Scotian we are proud. But with the COVID-19 tearing families apart, then compound that with a mass shooting the past weekend, we have been testes to dig deep and stand strong.

TOGETHER, we are 100% NOVA SCOTIA STRONG    and we believed it, so much so we made the T-shirt.  ALL PROFITS from the 100% Nova Scotia Strong T’s and Hoodie sold in April will be donated to the FAMILIES  AFFECTED BY NS SHOOTING.

April 18, 2020, a mass shooting that started in Portapique, N.S and extended over 100 kilometers, changed the lives of many.  Twenty-two people were confirmed dead including a seventeen-Year-old girl. No words cannot express our condolences to the families.

“With all this tragedy, and people hurting, you want to help, says Jessica Bowden M.S.M founder of =ITY (pronounce equality) Inspiring Today’s Youth Society and Teens Now Talk (TNT)

We added another T-shirt to CharITY T’s collection. Shop Collection.

For the month of APRIL 2020, ALL PROFITS from the Nova Scotia Strong T’s and Hoodies will be donated to the FAMILIES  AFFECTED BY NS SHOOTING.

The world will know our loved ones are gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Help us help the Families Affected by ordering your shirt today. CLICK HERE TO SHOP  

Shoutout to the team of the Heart Colchester Facebook page for up to date info and a place to connect with friends and families. If you wish to find more places to donate, go to Heart Colchester page

News Coverage –

CTV Atlantic News 

CBC News Coverage.

CharITY T’s collection. Shop Collection

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