100% Nova Scotia Proud T’s, support front line workers.

by Lil' J April 17, 2020

A powerful Salute To ALL Our Frontline Health Heroes And Essential Workers Keeping Everyone Safe During COVID-19!

100% Nova Scotia Proud T’s was created because, NO words could express how proud and thankful we ALL are to the frontline essential services workers and the #QE2HealthHeroes for their bravery, dedication, and compassion during these COVID-19 unprecedented times.

During these times, people are scared, alone, stressed, yet everyone is finding Ingenious ways to help each other, show their gratitude and community support, says Jessica Bowden founder of  Teens Now Talk and =ITY (promounce equaility) Society.

Proud to be Nova ScotiaTo show our support and help others, we designed an powerful #100%NovaScotiaProud T-shirt for teens, T’s for women, T shirts for men and Hoodies for adults and youth, to let our essential services workers and our #QE2HealthHeroes, know that 100% of Nova Scotia and Canada, has their back! Proceeds from the 100% Nova Sco Proud T-shirt will be donated to the QEII COVID-19 Response Fund

You hear all the time “CharITY Starts At Home”.

Order today, proceeds going to the QE2 COVID-19 Response Fund

Our 100% Nova Scotia Proud T-shirt collection, is more than just a shirt. It’s a Nova Scotian way to give back and a movement that speaks volumes and says thank you, without saying a word.

It’s a powerful shirt that showcases how indebted and proud we are to the essential workers for putting their lives at risk every day to help us during COVID-19. As well as show how proud we are to be from Nova Scotia and how resilient we are as Nova Scotian. Order your shirt today.

100% Nova Scotia Proud HoodieWearing 100% Nova Scotia Proud truly evokes the feelings of home and unites Maritimer’s pride. No matter where across the world you are.

Each time our frontline heroes see this shirt, they will know, you have contribute to the proceeds going to the QEII COVID-19 Response Fund and  you are saying, “We are 100% Nova Scotia Proud of you and all you are doing,” Thank You!

Also, when you wear your shirt and you see an essential worker, place you hand over your heart and say ” Thank You for all you do”, says Bowden.


We are excited to announce that we 100% NOVA SCOTIA PROUD to say proceeds from the T-shirt sales from till April 30, 2020, will be donated to the QEII COVID-19 Response Fund 

CLICK HERE Order your shirt today and show your support beyond tomorrow!

Teens Now Talk shop T shirt Collection

Check out all the charITY Collections

T-shirt Designed to help our communITY organizations, help those in need. Another powerful and engaging concept by Teens Now Talk and =ITY (pronouns equality) Inspiring Todays Youth Society’s

Check out the powerful WE CARE – CharITY COVID_19 T-Shirt Campaigns.

100% Nova Scotia Proud – UnITY – Showing support to our frontline and essential workers keeping us safe – proceeds going to the QE2 COVID-19 Response Fund

Stay The Blazes Home – GenerosITY – helping to feed our community – proceeds going to Beacon House and the Parker Street Food Banks

Designed to help our communITY organizations, help those in need. Another powerful and engaging concept by Teens Now Talk and =ITY (pronouns equality) , Inspiring Todays Youth Society’s

CharITY T-Shirts are;

  • Halifax designed and manufactured locally to help support local
  • Tshirts for women, men and youth
  • Generating awareness
  • Delivering a strong message
  • Support local youth initiatives
  • A fundraiser tool to assist local organizations initiatives
  • Proceeds directly impact the health and wellness of our communities

Order your shirt today and thank you for being 100% Nova Scotia Proud!

Stay The Blazes Home worn by Jessica Bowden M.S.M.A message from Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

“During these unpretending times, we need to think of more than just ourselves,” Bowden says.  It’s hard not to stress and panic. Just breathe, be thankful and then think of someone who has less than you and how you can help.

“Today, is the beginning of a new tomorrow,” says Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

COVID-19 closed Bowden’s business doors but not the innovative online windows of opportunities to continue directly helping others in the communities.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring,” says Bowden with 100% of our booked major youth and community-driven Seminars, Community Forums, Summer Camps, XPO’s to National events NOW canceled or postponed to 2021.

Today we give thanks, to ALL our front-line workers, then look at how we can help others less fortunate.

For if we are truly in this together, we need to show it and do our part. Government of Canada site – Wash your Hands

One thing COVID-19 does not care about is how rich or poor you are, how far you run from the city, how stocked your shelves are, your age, race or sexuality….

…. So yes, Stay the Blazes Home and give hope a chance.

Helpful link of Local Food Banks 

Food Banks

  1. Halifax  Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank      
  2. Sackville Beacon House
  3. Tantallon St Margaret Food Bank
  4. Dartmouth Feeding Others in Dartmouth 
  5. Halifax/Dartmouth Feed Nova Scotia
  6. Halifax / Dartmouth Salvation Army

OK, let’s see if your reading everything lol. We placed some mistakes in the text, Submit Your 3 Mistakes and have your name entered for a FREE Stay The Blazes Home T Shirt.


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