Training N’ Trophies

Two-Time REP Spelling BEE Champion

Posted May 22, 2023

THE 2023 REP PROVINCIAL SPELLING BEE WINNER IS?  Speller #1, Dasia Abbey, from Cobequid Education Centre (CEC) Truro, Nova Scotia. …

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Awesome pics of the 9th Passport 2 Youth Success XPO

P2YS XPO – 9th Passport 2 Youth Success XPO Photos

Posted June 1, 2022

Thank you to ALL our AWESOME XPO Youth Team! You guys SOOOO ROCK!   CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS#1    PHOTOS BATCH #2    …

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BEA REP Provincial Spelling BEE

Dasia Abbey BEEcomes the 16th Annual BEA’s REP Provincial Spelling BEE Champion

Seventeen rounds of excitement had hundreds of contestants, parents, educators, and staff watching and waiting from the edge of their …

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The meaning and colours of poppies

Poppy colours & what each poppy mean?

Posted November 11, 2021

The only predominantly black battalion in Canadian military history, the No. 2 Construction Battalion was formed in Nova Scotia.

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