Daniel Ajuwon – WON The Spelling BEE

by Emily Educator June 19, 2024

The winning word was


Incredible Things Happen When You BEElieve! Over 100 excited and energetic spellers from across Nova Scotia filled the stage. When the gold bell rang, to start the Spelling BEE, you could not hear a sound.

Each speller was filled with the hopes of becoming this year’s winner of the BEA’s 18th Annual Regional Educators Program (REP) Provincial Spelling BEE. Anticipation overflowed from the stage into the stands. Parents, friends, and onlookers cheered and encouraged all the spellers.


1st Place #27 Daniel Ajuwon who attends the Whitney Pier Cultural Academic  Enrichment Program (BEA’s after-school program) and Sydney Academy in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional Centre for Education (CBVRCE). 2nd Place –#06 Tirenioluwa Akinmejiwa – Halifax West and 3rd Place –#70 Darasimi Esan – Northern Region

Daniel Ajuwon… WAIT, they say your name says it all lol, Humm, so is it a coincidence, that Daniel’s last name is AjuWON, hmm!

After spelling the winning word


Daniel Ajuwon Winner of 18th REP Provincial Spelling BEE

I heard the announcer say, “That is correct.” giggled fourteen-year-old Daniel Ajuwon, (Speller #27) who emerged as the winner of the BEA’s 18th Annual Regional Educators Program (REP) Provincial Spelling BEE.

Daniel’s winning smile was well deserved after completing numerous suspenseful rounds and stiff competition.

The BEE is a great opportunity to learn, meet new people, and travel. I decided to keep coming back as much as I could.

How was it? Now that it is over, and I reflect on the day, I was so nervous. I made it to the final nine and the time between each round seemed so long. Then round after round, I realized, I was in the final three and had a one-in-three chance of winning.

Next, the announcer gave me the final word – A-P-P-R-E-N-T-I-C-E, then, I heard them say, that’s correct. I couldn’t BEEleive it!

Daniel AjuwonNEW!!! Watch SPILL THE TEA for more BEE interviews.

What’s Next for Daniel Ajuwon? Study more because there is always a chance of doing a repeat win at the 19th Annual REP Provincial Spelling BEE next year. 

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Tips BEElow To Help You BEEcome Calm During The Competition?

  1. Taking a deep breath before you spell the word.
  2. Calming yourself down and ask for a definition.
  3. Don’t rush, take your time, you have 2-minutes.
  4. Know you did your best and studied hard.
  5. Remind yourself, being able to walk on the stage makes us all winners.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm – BEE Coincidence? 

  • Dasia Abbey’s speller number was #1 for the past two years. In both years she won and became #1
  • Daniel Ajuwon has the word WON in his  last name and he won this Spelling BEE
  • This year all males placed in the final three for the 18th Year of the REP Provincial Spelling BEE
  • Hummm, what will happen next year….hummmm!

BEE Advice for anyone wanting to compete next year would BEE:

  • BEE ready to have fun and meet new people.
  • BEElieve in yourself and learn a word a day.
  • BEEfore you get bored, find ways to make studying fun.
  • You BEElong on stage, so BEE committed and dedicated, it will paid off.

I also would encourage all participating spellers that step on the stage, to be proud of yourself. You already won BEEcause, YOU SHOWED UP!

Daniel Ajuwon (Speller #27)

REMEMBER – Incredible things happen when you BEElieve!

TO ATTEND: The annual competition is open to black students ages eight to fifteen years in public, private schools, home-schoolers, and any student enrolled in the BEA’s Cultural Academic Enrichment Programs.

PRIZE: First, second, and third-place winners took home BEA Education Awards of $1000, $800, and $500 respectively along with trophies,  Teens Now Talk backpacks, and gift cards and prizes from local businesses.

BEA’s 19th Annual Regional Educators Program (REP) Provincial Spelling BEETo sign up for next year, and for more information on the REP Provincial Spelling BEE, Regional Educators Program, the CAEPs, Adult Learning Program & all other BEA Programs/Projects, please visit www.bea-ns.ca.

Congratulations to ALL the spellers. See you next year! BEE Ready! 

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You know the drill, let us see if you were reading! Send us three spelling errors for a chance to have your name entered to win a $50.00 gift card. Submit your words

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