Kiara Hiltz BEEcomes the 2019 BEA’s REP Provincial Spelling BEE Champion

by Emily Educator June 10, 2019


2019 Spelling BEE Champion, Kiara Hiltz (Speller #29), and Patricia McCulloch the Bridgewater Cultural Academic Enrichment Program, – CAEP  Coordinator celebrates AVRCE 1st victory.    A-F-F-E-C-T-A-T-I-O-N was the winning word.

Incredible things happen when you BEElieve!

Over 100 youth spellers from across Nova Scotia filled Mount Saint Vincent University’s Seton Auditorium stage. All with the aspiration of BEEing the one who takes home the Championship title.

Excitement builds, hour after hour and round after round. BEEtween the celebrational clapping and cheers, and the “aw” sounds after someone misspelled a word by one letter.

The packed stage slowly emptied to only three competing for the title of 2019 REP Provincial  Spelling BEE Champion.

Kiara Hiltz (Speller #29), who attends Bayview Community School, Kaleb Williams (Speller #01) of Saint Andrew Junior School,  Mya Gloade (Speller #02), Truro Junior High School

Spellers outdoing spellers, back-to-back rounds, everyone in the audience once again, on the edge of their seats. The excitement and anticipation grew until there was only one standing, and her name is Kiara Hiltz!

“This was my first REP Provincial Spelling BEE win,” said Kiara. “I studied hard, but nothing prepares you for sitting on that stage. This experience was a combination of scary and empowering. There were tons of awesome spellers but once I settled down, took a deep breath and focused on my words, it became easier to be in the competition. I would suggest all youth enter the competition. It is really fun.”

Kiara Hiltz (Speller #29), who attends Bayview Community School in Mahone Bay and attends the Bridgewater Cultural Academic Enrichment Program,(CAEP (BEA’s after-school program), triumphed as the first-place speller in the one-word championship round, proudly spelling out ‘a-f-f-e-c-t-a-t-i-o-n’. This is the first time a student in the AVRCE has taken home first place honors. To view 2019 Spelling BEE Photos –  Click Here

BEA’s challenging academic competition, which draws over-100 spellers from across the province, was held Nay 11, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) in Halifax. The BEE is held in May in recognition of the United States-based Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Speaking of Scripps National Spelling BEE, are you a stellar speller?  Can you get pass 2?  Test yourself with the CNN Spelling Bee 

It was also, awesome to see previous winners have an active role in the BEE after they age out. Izabelle Chase (2013 & 2014’s Champion) assumed the role of Head Judge for the 2019 REP Provincial Spelling BEE joining Truro’s own Sebastian Barrington (2016’s Champion) as the Pronouncer.

Additionally, Karema Alarabi and Munir Al-Taher, both students in Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) and Bayers Westwood CAEP were recognized as 2019’s Queen BEAtrice & King Bumble respectively in the President’s 2019 Honey Pot CAEP’s & Home Reading Challenge for reading the most books.

To view 2019 Spelling BEE Photos –  Click Here

Congratulation to ALL the spellers. See you next year! BEE Ready! 

BEA REP Provincial Spelling BEE

Mark Your Calendar: Competition Day is Saturday, May 9, 2020, at MSVU @ 1:00 pm. For more information on the Regional Educators Program provincial spelling bee, the Regional Educators Program, the Cultural Academic Enrichment Program, and all other Black Educators Association programs, please visit BEA Black Educators Association 

Incredible things happen when you BEElieve. 

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To view 2019 Spelling BEE Photos –  Click Here

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