Two-Time REP Spelling BEE Champion

by Lil' J May 22, 2023

Truro Speller #1 Dasia Abbey Pulls A Repeat Win!


Speller #1, Dasia Abbey, from Cobequid Education Centre (CEC) Truro, Nova Scotia. Clinched the win at the BEA’s 17th Annual Regional Educators Program Provincial Spelling BEE, with the winning word, M-A-S-Q-U-E-R-A-D-E! 

Incredible Things Happen When You BEElieve! If you were not at Mount Saint Vincent University,  on May 13, 2023.  You missed, over 100 spellers from across the province, competing through 17 nail bitting rounds of intense spelling. Speller #1, fifteen-year-old, Dasia Abbey triumphed as champion speller for the second year. The winning championship word, for the win was ‘m-a-s-q-u-e-r-a-d-e’.

“After winning last year’s REP Provincial Spelling BEE. I knew I would be up against some strong spellers this competition., says Dasia.  I read more books, studied and used the new words in my daily life. I know some of the other spellers, and they are really good spellers too. So that made me more nervous when sitting on the stage.

What Things Helped Calm You During The Competition?

I know, I worked and studied hard. I try not to let the nerves get me lol and that is easier said then done lol.  I kept looking around at all of us on stage, then take a deep breath and remind myself, being able to walk on the stage makes us all winners, says Dasia.

What’s Next for Dasia Abby?

“This will be my last year to compete, because I will have aged out”, says Dasia. I will still be active with the BEE one way or another. The BEE brings back aged-out winners to assist in the upcoming REP Provincial Spelling BEE. So, you might see me again in a different capacity. Either way, I will be cheering on the next winner.

Participants  Spill The Tea On The Spelling BEE

Things That Make You Go Hmmm – Coincidence?

  • Dasia Abbey’s speller number, was #1 for the past two-years
  • Both years she won and became #1
  • This year was the 17th Year of the REP Provincial Spelling BEE
  • The winner went 17 (seventeen) rounds of excitement having a packed house on the edge of their seats

BEE Advice From The Two-Time Spelling BEE Champion Dasia Abby:

My advice for anyone wanting to compete next year would BEE, first keep coming back.

  • BEE ready to have fun and meet new people.
  • BEElieve in yourself and learn a word a day.
  • BEEfore you get bored, find ways to make studying fun.
  • You BEElong on stage, so BEE committed and dedicated, it will paid off.

I also would encourage all participating spellers that step on the stage, to be proud of yourself. You already won BEEcause, YOU SHOWED UP!

REMEMBER – Incredible things happen when you BEElieve!

  • 1st Place – Dasia Abbey (Speller #1 center) – Truro (CCRCE)
  • 2nd Place -Olivia Obadan (Speller #44) of Cape Breton CBVRCE)
  • 3rd Place -Michal Griffiths (Speller #18) of Strait Regional Centre (SRCE)

The annual competition is open to black students ages eight to fifteen years in public, private schools, and home-schoolers and any student enrolled in the BEA’s Cultural Academic Enrichment Programs (CAEPs).  The purpose of the REP Provincial Spelling BEE is to focus on English language basics; foster learning of African Nova Scotian students studying the English language and introduce and encourage students to compete in regional, national, and international finals.

Ms. Jackie Spills The Tea On The Spelling BEE Pt. 2

First, second and third-place winners took home BEA Education Awards of $1000, $800, and $500 respectively along with trophies,  Teens Now Talk backpacks, and gift cards and prizes from local businesses. To sign up for next year, and for more information on the REP Provincial Spelling BEE, Regional Educators Program, the CAEPs, Adult Learning Program & all other BEA Programs/Projects, please visit

Congratulation to ALL the spellers. See you next year! BEE Ready! 

Mark Your Calendar: May 2024, Competition Day is coming soon!  For more information on the REP Provincial Spelling BEE, the Regional Educators Program, the Cultural Academic Enrichment Program, and all other Black Educators Association programs, please visit BEA Black Educators Association 

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