Your Hobbies + Education & Training = A CAREER!

by Rais October 30, 2017

Listen up peeps, here’s the 411 on turning your hobbies into a career that will pay big bucks!

Now, if you’re determined to work towards getting a job you hate: close the window, this text below might be too heavy for you, and that’s cool. If you are determined to have a career that pays well and is in a field you enjoy: read on.

Whew, I am glad you hung in there with me. Hobbies with some training, education and commitment can be turned into careers, but first you have to find your own definition of “hobby.” To me, hobbies are things you do in your spare time … and by spare time, I mean you enjoy working on something, and before you know it, hours have gone bye. Now stop and think, what if you can get paid for doing something you love?

That’s right, why not think about putting the one hobby you do for free anyway into a career?

For example, if you spend hours working on engines for fun, why not get the right training and then start working on airplane engines? You could be getting some serious green for your time.

Or what about your fascination for the human mind? There you sit, spending hours learning about how the brain works. Well, the same thing goes for the right education in the medical field, you can become a neurologist and, yes, make even more serious green!

No matter what your hobbies are, there are careers out there for you to master. If you don’t find any careers, then become a master in your field and create one.

Do you think there was a spot waiting for Alexander Graham Bell? No, his fascination for sound and his creativity made history with his invention of the telephone. Who knows how many hours of love he poured into this invention before it became used worldwide? But the one thing that is for sure is that his investment of time paid off.

If that’s too far back for you to connect with, how about Bill Gates? His love of computers made him billions. Can you see it? There he was at the age of thirteen with an interest in software, so he started programming computers… like I said, making big bucks from a hobby is real.

How To Find Your Hobby

  1. Write down what you love to do in your spare time.
  2. Ask yourself, “Is this something I would do for free?”
  3. Research to see what careers can come from your hobbies: for example, building model airplanes could lead to a career building real airplanes.
  4. Carefully search where you can get the proper training to turn your hobby into a career.
  5. Take courses while in high school that will complement your career or give you extra credits.

Volunteer whenever you can to learn the ropes of the business before you get your feet wet. This is a great way to learn the business lingo and have experience to show on your resume.

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