Let’s face it: you’re a teen looking for a part-time job and you’re scared to death!

by Rais October 29, 2017

The sign in the window says Help Wanted but you don’t have any experience, have never been through an interview and don’t have a resume to hand in. So, how do you go about landing your first part-time job?

Whatcha waiting for? It’s time to take the plunge!

Listen up! School is going to be finished soon and if you can spare some time from your social life, you can bring in some extra cash by going after a part-time position. Just think — you’ll start to gain independence and new experiences, meet new people, plus put some coin in your pockets. And if you have the willingness to work, who knows? That part-time job could turn into a full-time career.

Don’t let fear stop ya!

Part-time summer of school break jobs can bring in extra money, and possibly a career! BUT, you have to apply! You know Nicki Minaj’s song “Beez in the Trap”? Follow these “Beez” and you Beez gettin’ the job! Below is a little somethin’ somethin’ to make you stand out and possibly get your foot in the door for an interview — read on!

Be yourself! Employers are willing to train someone they like.
Be punctual! Never be late for an interview, but don’t arrive an hour early either.
Be friendly and bring your best attitude.
Be willing to listen, learn and adapt to new situations.
Be in the know! Do your research. Employers love it when you know a little bit about the company.
Be persistent! Follow up with one phone call or email a few days after applying for a position. Employers love that!

Be your own superhero and show your potential boss your super qualities:

  • A person who is reliable and honest.
  • Someone who works efficiently both in a team and independently.
  • A person who is flexible and can adapt to new situations.
  • Someone who shows respect for others, themselves and the company.
  • A person with a positive, friendly attitude.
  • Someone who is motivated and eager to learn.
  • A person who shows leadership and is trustworthy.
  • Someone who has a minimum of a high school education or is currently attending school.
    …psst, this is golden material for your résumé.


Be Prepared! So now that you landed that perfect interview, follow these tips and you’ll do just fine:

  1. Be business casual, but not too casual. You might be comfortable in ripped jeans and your favourite top but it won’t impress the employer or land you that job.
  2. Wear clean clothes: a pair of nice pants and a top that doesn’t show too much skin.
  3. Keep your phone OFF and out of sight. The world can wait 30 minutes.
  4. Leave your friends, mom and boo in the car — or, better yet, at home!
  5. Show up! Not showing up for an interview is bad. If you can’t make it or you’re running late, CALL! Be honest and don’t make up some crazy excuse.
  6. Be aware of your body language. Even if you’re nervous, just be yourself. Employers dig that.
  7. Never swear, use slang or inappropriate language. This is your future boss!
  8. Last but not least: practice makes perfect. Do a couple of practice interviews with a friend or family member.


Be Ready to Turn a NO today into a YES tomorrow!

Prepare for “No”: Nobody gets hired at every single place where they apply. Dress for the occasion, make a good first impression and prepare for a NO, remember, nobody gets hired at every single place they apply. Before you apply, prepare yourself for rejection and hearing the words, “No, I’m sorry. We don’t need anyone right now.” And make sure you are speaking with the person who does the hiring. Once you hear no, how you react will show the person a lot about you. If you get a no, do not storm out of the location mad; they may perceive you as being immature. Take a breath and say, “Well, if you do need someone in the future, please give me a call. I’ll leave you a copy of my resume. Thank you for your time.” This shows you are serious and leave room for them to call you in case something opens up. One week later, follow up by phone and speak to the person who will be doing the hiring. Don’t rely on someone else to leave the right message for you.

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