Resume Tips!

by Rais November 1, 2017

Applying for your first job can be a terrifying process, and constructing a resume can be overwhelming in itself! Follow these resume tips to help you land the job you want!

There are many things to consider when creating your first resume: How long should it be? What format should you use? Is font a big deal!? We’ve put together some tips to help you get started!

1. Choose the right format

Believe it or not, the way you format your resume is super important. Employers like to see professional and polished looking resumes, so, we always recommend following something simple. Keeping it simple will help to keep your future employer’s attention on what’s important – YOU, and your accomplishments! If your formatting choice is too busy, it will distract your future employer, so ALWAYS keep that in mind. Microsoft Word has really great formats for resumes and choosing a pre-made one will help take the stress off of you.  However, if you’d like to make one yourself, that’s ok too! Keep it simple and consistent. Keep your name and contact information in either the top right-hand corner or centered, and don’t add any fancy designs – that IS a huge distraction, and that’s a no-no!

2. Choose a simple font

Following our “simple is always better” recommendation, simple is always better when choosing a font. We know fonts like Comic Sans can look fun, but you CAN’T go wrong with a classic Times New Roman or Calibri font. Fancy fonts will serve as a distraction, and we don’t want that! And as always, the best font size is going to be a 12pt font! Don’t change it up!

3. Include all of your contact information

You want to let your employer know that you are serious about getting the job, and one way to do that is to include all of your contact information, so that way your future employer knows they can reach you in various ways and that you WANT to be contacted. Keep your address up to date, your phone number, and your email. This will let your future employer know you are serious about your application.

4. Prioritize your content and highlight your accomplishments

In creating your first resume, your goal should be to highlight your accomplishments and positive attributes. Your categories should include Education, Work Experience, Personal Accomplishments, Skills, and Volunteer Experience. Try to keep your resume one page in length. Keeping it concise, but positive is the best way to keep your future employer’s attention.

5. ALWAYS include a cover letter or paragraph about yourself

A brief but comprehensive cover letter is a sure-fire way to get your employers’ attention and to highlight your most positive attributes and accomplishments. Start your cover letter by addressing your employer, the job you’re applying for, and why you would be a great fit for the job. Don’t forget to detail why you’re a great candidate by highlighting your attributes like how you’re a hard worker and someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of them! One last tip: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS tailor your cover letter to suit specific jobs. This will show future employers how detail oriented you are, and how dedicated you are to getting the job!

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