Cheer Today – Gold Tomorrow

by Rais March 1, 2018

Cheerleading Competitors in Halifax Today, then Tokyo Olympic Tomorrow

Tell me, what do you think of, when you hear the word Cheerleading?

Well, if you thought of cheerleading being a sport, that is rapidly growing and could appear in the 2020 Olympic, you are right!

The Teens Now Talk Magazine, (TNT) Teen Team, Davanna Parsons, Megan Harnish, Sathishkumar Nadigatla and Brianna Parsons attended Cheer Expo’s 15th Annual  Cheerleading National Championships, Halifax Forum, March 24-25, 2018.

The TNT team had a chance to speak with several athletes between routines. Some team members watched the performances and seen firsthand the professionalism, dedication, and commitment the cheerleading teams representing Nova Scotia, PEI, Ontario and New Brunswick brought to the stage.

Two-days showcasing  extraordinary talent

Over 2-days, 2500 athlete took to the stage to showcase their outstanding talent. Jaw-dropping pyramids, jumps, tumbling, tosses combined with some spectacular routine had fans standing and screaming from the top of their lungs.

Member of the Elite team, ready for competition
Member of the Elite team, ready for competition

In total, 121 teams competing and depending on the competitive level. Some teams were competing for the National Banner while others were qualifying for the ICU World Competition held in Orlando Florida on April 25-27, 18.

“Making cheerleading assessable to all is our goal, says CEO Laura Mar. To often cheerleaders would reach their highest age or skill level and age out of the competition. Next year we are expanding the divisions which will allow the older participant to join and continue to enjoy the sport.”

“This is my fourth year competing and I love it says eleven-years-old Karen G. It’s not easy but it’s fun. Our team trains allot and we are committed and prepared to put in the work. Then when we hit the stage, it’s worth it.”

Before or after their competition, youth stop by the Teens Now Talk booth, share their excitement and takes some photos. “It’s a good mental break to pose for the next magazine issue or share some laughs to release stress,” says Davanna.   “We want the world to see our youth superstars,” says teen member Sathish.

“The athletes today are all winners in Teens Now Talk’s eyes, says Founder – Publisher Jessica Bowden M.S.M. Throughout this weekend there will be smiles, frown, tears and laughter. Some may win today and other will have to try again tomorrow. Still, the most important factor to celebrate is they showed up and gave it their all. Again, that is a winner in my eyes.”

View more photos of the superstars from your communities:

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Cheerleading Competition 2018
Cheer Expo Halifax NS 2018

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