by Rais August 11, 2017

The Balancing Act of Mind and Body

Over the years, Halifax has been slowly developing an amazing community of people from all different walks of life that have one thing in common: their dedication to parkour. To the average person walking down Brunswick Street around 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon, the first reaction would be, “What are those youth doing?” Sure, you’ll see them gathering, running, jumping, laughing, sweating, climbing, falling and balancing, yet the question still remains…what are they doing? Lol.

It’s called parkour. To some, it may look like a bunch of youth jumping off walls and cans, but most passersby find it fascinating. When I first saw them, I watched how they were leaping without boundaries, so I wanted to know more. I spoke with the group and they were very knowledgeable, respectful and eager to share the benefits, positive energy and mindfulness of parkour – the willingness to develop oneness, from warming up and stretching to the landing, balancing on their toes, finding their centre with great awareness and respect for self and surroundings.

To learn more, check out or search for a group in your area!

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