Wyatt’s Eyes are on the Olympic Games

by Rais October 15, 2017

Wyatt Goes For Gold!

Leaning on boxing ring ropes with smile after training in the gym.
Wyatt going for gold

Meet Wyatt Sanford, the astonishing 18-year-old and three-time Canadian amateur boxing champion from Kennetcook, Nova Scotia, whose dedication and Olympic dream is unstoppable.

Teens Now Talk Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Wyatt on May 1, 2015, this unique southpaw, who is a 64 kg (142 lb.) light welterweight division fighter representing his club, Citadel Amateur Boxing, and Team Nova Scotia, brought home another gold at the Imperium Cup by unanimous decision, defeating Tommy Barnes from Quebec.

“To have won gold in a national tournament, and now the Imperium Cup — this year is the start of a powerful career in boxing,” says Wyatt. “I am blessed.”

NOW, let’s fast forward to 2017, Wyatt has moved to Montreal and is training with the National Team as well he has moved up to the Senior Elite Men’s Division and completed 75 fights, recording 60 wins and 15 losses and has received some impressive titles in 2017, such as: Ringside World Champion, Haringey Cup Champion, Larry Fleming Challenge Cup Champion and NS Support 4 Sport Male Boxer of the Year.

Wyatt’s Eyes is on the Olympic! “I’m a three-time Canadian champion, a one-time silver Canadian champion, I won the World Ringside Championships once and I’ve placed four silvers at it as well,” I continue to be blessed.”
“I want to make the Summer Olympic Games, either in 2020 or 2024 — or both. I am just starting with a strength and conditioning coach now, and I’m starting some new workout programs, including really good sparring in Niagara Falls,” says Wyatt.
“I’m trying to make a dream become a reality, I’m trying to fulfill a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said. “I’ve got three to seven years to make this happen, and what motivates me to go there is knowing that I’m one of the highest performing athletes.”

Why boxing, and what does your day look like?
Boxing to me is a gentlemen’s sport. I absolutely love the sport because it’s not your typical sport. After you finish boxing, you give the guy a bro-hug and talk like nothing happened.
Boxing has helped with my time management, focus and commitment. I start with a 6 am run and you will see me at the gym six days a week.

Who inspires you?
My mom and my family are my number one fans; they have my back. My brothers, Devin and Ryan, are also exceptional champion boxers, so they continuously encourage and guide me. My community, Kennetcook in East Hants, inspires me because they’re always helping and supporting me. They are genuinely excited for me, always wanting to find out what I am doing next or where I am boxing next. Last, but not least, Stephanie and my coach, Wayne Gordon.

Wayne fought and coached at the Olympics, and he supports and inspires me to do what he has, and to go further then he did.
How can your sport help those who are being bullied?
For the people being bullied, we hope they come here and make new friends who are willing to help and support them. We don’t encourage fighting outside the gym, but the skills learned will help build their self-esteem, confidence and support network while in a family setting, and while enjoying the sport of boxing.

What would you tell someone new, just starting out?
Boxing gives you a personality. If you’re someone who is shy or low key, after a few weeks you’re chatting and getting to know everybody. At our gym, we love to have fun. We are family here and we put in our work, but, like family, we also pick on each other and never put anyone down. It’s a strategy sport, something like chess, so if you like strategy, are willing to put in some heart and dedication, this would be a sport for you.
Powerful interview by John from Sports & More –

Wyatt going for goldStay tuned for Wyatt’s exclusive video interview on TNTTV, coming soon.
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