by Sara Holmström December 25, 2019

We want to show you the world through the eyes of our youth visiting and now living in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada.

Name: Sara Holmström

Languages: Swedish, English, German

What country were you born in?

How long have you been in Canada?
I’ve been here for seven months as an exchange student.

What’s one thing you found different when you came to Nova Scotia?
That everything here is so much bigger! All the houses and the cars, even the packages of food. For example, we could never buy a jug with four litres of milk.

What else is new to you in Canada?
The culture overall, how people act towards each other.

What is the time zone difference?
Sweden is five hours ahead of Nova Scotia.

Do people here dress differently than in Sweden?
Yes, they really do. In Sweden it’s barely anyone that would wear sweatpants or socks with sandals to school. I think that people in Sweden “dress up” more as their everyday style.

What is your favourite Swedish food?
It’s called knäckebröd, and it’s basically stale bread. But it’s not bread gone bad, it’s just supposed to be that way. Sort of like a cracker, I guess.

What foods do you like and dislike here?
I really like peanut butter, we can buy it in Sweden too, but no one really does. And I thought it was awesome that here you can buy the two kilogram jars of it. Food here that I don’t like I would say is root beer; I find the taste similar to cough syrup.

What is your favourite sport?
Snowboarding or running. I can’t really decide since they’re so different from one another.

What is your favourite class in school?
Political science and sociology.

Who is your favourite singer?
Bob Dylan.

What message do you have for other youth?
Go out of your comfort zone, because that’s what develops you the most.

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