Proof One Teen Can Make A Difference

by Enviro Ethan August 28, 2018

Let’s Travel to Africa with Dartmouth Nova Scotian Youth Cheyenne Hardy

Cheyenne Hardy, a 17-year-old from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, traveled to Kenya to teach at the Springs of Glory Academy school. 

Her many adventures in and out of the classroom will leave lasting memories, from riding a camel, eating unique foods, and picking avocado from the trees to walking to the well to get water.

The breathtaking landscape is a perfect backdrop for the excited and anxious youth ready to learn from their new teacher. “Some of my biggest highlights of this trip so far…are seeing the students eager to learn and seeing the gorgeous animals in their natural habitat! Pinch me!” said Cheyenne.

How Did You Hear About This Opportunity?

Cheyenne learned of this opportunity to go to Kenya while attending the Jesus of All Nations Conference in Halifax. Here she met another youth who told her he was travelling to Kenya in June to teach. He mentioned that as she does humanitarian work both locally and globally this would be a great opportunity. The young man went back to New Brunswick and called a pastor who owns a school for underprivileged children in Africa, and told him about Cheyenne. Pastor Matthew then contacted Cheyenne and her mom and invited her to Kenya to stay with him and his family and teach English at his school there.

Before leaving in September 2017, Cheyenne was one of four people in Canada to be awarded the Prince of Wales Youth Leadership Award for the work she does in her community. With that came a $2,500 cheque to do with as she pleased. Cheyenne put it in her bank account and said she waited to do something good with it, something that would make a difference.

Cheyenne Gives Back

Going to Kenya to help the children is what she decided to do with the funds. She purchased new student uniforms, paid some students’ fees, and bought supplies for the school.

The collage of photos will give you a glimpse of Cheyenne’s four-week journey. See the smiles and reactions when she arrived at a school assembly and passed out Canadian swag, like pencils and “special erasers”.

Every good thing must come to a end, or does it?

Cheyenne’s time winds down in Kenya, she wanted to do something to give back to the community for being so welcoming to her.

So, she decided to take some of the donation money that was given to her here in Canada to purchase material and other supplies to show the children at her school how to make Comfort Blankets. Stay tune for more on the Confort Blanket.

Do you know of a teen making a difference?  Let us know!


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