We Stand on the Shoulders of Others

by Jessica Bowden January 28, 2021

A powerful Black History T-shirt initiative to raise funds for =ITY youth program, while raising awareness & celebrating some of the Black Nova Scotians and the powerful History they left behind.

We Stand on the Shoulders of Others is a powerful Black History t-shirt initiative designed by the social enterprise Teens Now Talk in partnership with =ITY Inspiring Today’s Youth Society as a fundraiser for the WomEntrepreneur – ICU© Youth Initiative.

This powerful and educational Black History t-shirt displays the names of some Black Nova Scotians who have made an impact in our communities. 

Proceeds from the We Stand on the Shoulders of Others T-shirts will help propel our youth to greatness. Provide our communities, moments to remember, celebrate, and raise awareness of just some of the many powerful indigenous to Nova Scotians who left their imprint on the heart and the foundation of Nova Scotia History. Order your today.

Firstly, I give thanks to all the families who graciously granted us permission to use their loved one’s name and who continue to keep their loved one’s history alive by helping with our initiative. We are honored.

 “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.”
~ Maya Angelou

For the month of February, the We Stand on the Shoulders of Others Black History T-shirt initiative will be selling t-shirts as a fundraiser. The proceeds and donations from this initiative will be used directly towards the 2021 WomEntrepreneur – ICU© Youth Initiative. Our goal is to unlock entrepreneurial potential while providing a power-packed weekend for FREE to 50 African Nova Scotian and Indigenous young women ages 15 – 19 (and all who self-identify). Black History T-shirt Order your T-Shirt today.

People often preach – “C it, B it” but let’s face it, in order 2B it, U must C it.

The status of marginalized and underrepresented young African Nova Scotians and Indigenous youth is in Nova Scotia is in crisis.

WomEntrepreneur – ICU© Youth Initiative

Young women of African Nova Scotian and Indigenous heritage are subject to low incomes and are hit the hardest by the cycle of poverty. We want to provide an equitable playing field to empower and inspire them while breaking the cycle of poverty. We seek to deliver the knowledge and support they need today to build new opportunities and propel them towards success for tomorrow. They have the right to dream! Our goal is to show them ICU© Youth Initiative will unlock the participant’s powerful WomEntrepreneur and Career Potential.

ICU© Youth Initiative’s unique, powerful, and positive career path-finding weekend, will provide Nova Scotian youth with the opportunity to dream. They will also have the opportunity to draw inspiration from the examples of those who have come before them; the shoulders they stand on. They will come face to face with successful Black, Brown, and Ally individuals who look like them and are excelling in their chosen career paths. Our goal is for 50 African Nova Scotian and Indigenous young women (and all who self-identify) between the ages of 15 – 19 to participate in this powerful packed weekend for FREE. Purchasing a shirt is an investment into our future!


If U Can’t C It – U Can’t B It!

Each youth will have access to mentors to help them gain knowledge, practice conversation skills, and build the empowered inner strength to capture their dreams for the future. The youth will engage in mentoring for leadership and decision-making roles. Their mentors will be powerful women leaders within their communities who look like them. The youth will learn to use technology to interview and record their guests and also share this content to empower and engage other women and their communities. (Womentrepreneurship)

African Nova Scotians who have made an impact


James Robinson Johnston

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

In the 1880s, Johnston was restricted from attending public school due to Nova Scotia’s segregation laws and later became the first Black Lawyer in Nova Scotia.

Learn more about James Robinson Johnston

Viola Desmond

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Viola’s story of her courageous refusal to accept an act of racial discrimination, that provided inspiration to a later generation of Black persons in Nova Scotia.

Learn more about Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond to become the face of Canada’s 10 bill

Delmore “Buddy” Daye Esquire

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Buddy Daye, knocked down all barriers to becoming a Champion Boxer then becoming the first African Nova Scotian to take on the role of Sergeant-at-Arms for the Legislature.

Learn more about Delmore “Buddy” Daye

Dr. Carrie Best

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Sparked by incidents of racial discrimination, Carrie Best became a civil rights activist. Co-founder of The Clarion, one of the first newspapers in Nova Scotia owned and published by Black Canadians, she used the platform to advocate for Black rights. Also, Read a few issues of The Clarion.

Learn more about Dr. Carrie Best

Rev. Dr. Donald D. Skeir

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Reverend Dr. Donald Douglas Skeir was noted for his strong voice concerning religious and human rights issues.

Learn more about Rev. Dr. Donald D. Skeir

Listen to Rev. Dr. Donald D. Skeir

Dr. Marie Hamilton

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of OthersWanting to be a nurse, but nursing was closed to Black women at that time; she wanted to help people, so teaching became her chosen profession.  After teaching for more than twenty years in the school system, she established a pre-school program at the community center now known as Veith House.

Learn more about Dr. Marie Hamilton

Wade H. Smith

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

On or off the court Wade Smith empowered all youth to break through the barriers and literally achieved the goal.

Learn more about Wade Smith

Sinclair Williams

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Sinclair Williams from East Preston became the Dartmouth Police Department’s first black police officer.

Learn more about Sinclair Williams

Watch Sinclair Williams Tribute

Terry Symonds

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Thirty-Five Years ago, youth librarian Terry Symonds led the organizing effort that catapulted African Heritage Month to where we are today.

Learn more about Terry Symonds

Dr. Rev. W. P. Oliver

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

William Pearly Oliver had a life of many accomplishments as a powerful social activist, educator, and gifted minister.

Daurene Lewis

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Daurene Lewis is an entrepreneur, educator, and civic leader. The first Black mayor of Nova Scotia and the first Black woman to be elected mayor in Canada.

Canada’s 1st black female mayor honoured in Annapolis Royal

Dr. Burnley “Rocky” Jones

Black History - We Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Dr. Burnley “Rocky” Jones spent the bulk of his adult life breaking down racial and economic barriers for Black and Indigenous peoples as an activist, educator, and, later, lawyer.

Learn more about Dr. Burnley “Rocky” Jones


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