Treats N’ Treadmills

I can’t eat I’m Late!

Posted October 30, 2017

Why didn’t you eat!? Here is the top 3 excuses I heard, and the funny thing is, I can relate!

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5 Easy at Home Exercises to Help Manage Stress!

Posted October 29, 2017

We’ve put together 5 at-home exercises that will help you manage stress, and help you get back to feeling like yourself!

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Put A Fork in Me… I’m Done!

People say eating is a science and if done right your body will thank you, So, let’s start getting some thanks you’s from our body!

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The Open Toed Shoe Pledge

Alright young ladies & Gents, it’s that time of year once again! I think we need to be reminded of a few things. PLEASE, raise your big toes and repeat after me…

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Summer Camps & Program Guide

Ok we get it!
School will be out soon and you’re looking for something “Cool 2 Do” this summer