Skin Care Tips!

by Emily Educator August 8, 2017

Growing up can often mean changes to your skin and body. Check out these common questions and tips to get glowing, healthy skin!

Can wearing foundation make my acne worse?

Some foundations clog the pores of your skin, make the appearance of acne worse. Products like the GetEven Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 15) by FYI Arbonne help with this common problem. This pore-friendly tinted moisturizer contains acne-fighting ingredients, and it’s oil free! Therefore, I get even, flawless looking skin without causing my acne to flare up.

How can I get my eyeliner to last all day?

Prepping with eyeshadow as eyeliner, and a light foundation first tends to make your eyeliner last throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about touch-ups!

At home beauty tip: Nail rejuvenation

Haven’t had time (or are lacking the cash) to make it to the manicurist this month? Just mix one teaspoon of baking soda, coarse salt (try sea salt) and lemon juice together with enough 3% hydrogen peroxide (available at local drug stores!) to make a thick paste. This will give you a nail whitening and prep solution that is just as effective as an aggressive, but safe buff from the nail salon. Leave the mixture on your nails for approximately 20 minutes, and then wash your hands and rub your nails with a little bit of olive oil to help restore the natural texture and shine!

Acne facts:

  1. Peak acne years are ages 14-17 in females, and 16-19 in males. As many as 40% of females and 35% of males are affected by acne during these years.
  2. Keep your hands to yourself…lol. Touching your face with your hands encourages the spread of bacteria and excess oils, leading to breakouts.

Skin care tips for men

Men have approximately 15% oilier skin and significantly larger pores than women do. Essentially, this means your face gets a tad dirtier. Guys, it’s important that no matter what skin type you have, to clean your face every day!

  1. Deep cleansing is important, but stay away from deodorant soaps, as they may irritate your skin and clog your pores.
  2. After shaving, moisturize with a product that has absolutely no alcohol in it. Avoid heavy fragrant after-shave products too, as they can irritate your skin. Always use a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing and shaving, and don’t forget about your neck!
  3. Don’t forget about your lips! Find a lip balm that has an SPF of at least SPF 15 in it. Here’s another tip: peppermint oil has a nice feel and keeps lips looking luscious thanks to healing properties.

PRO TIP: Go NATURAL! It keeps pores clear, skin healthy, and you looking good!

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