Touch Of Heaven Bath & Body

by Chikako September 14, 2020

Touch of Heaven CEO, Young Entrepreneur, 10-years-old Nevaeh, Bath & Body company, discovers the secret to relaxing and reducing some stress while feeling a little Touch of Heaven.

Hi, My name is Nevaeh and I am excited to share my business with you. Order your today Touch of Heaven 

Touch of Heaven CEO

Touch of  Heaven is designed to give YOU that special moment. A moment in time, where YOU can let go of the hustle and bustle, claim your important and deserved time to sit back, relax and soak away the stresses of the day.

Now, you can choose not only YOUR needed time to distress but also the unique and natural senses that speak to you! Bath Salts: Vanilla  Mint, Vanilla Rose, Coconut Lime, Strawberry, and Lavender. Soaps: Strawberry, Lavender, and Coconut Lime. Enjoy the feeling of a Touch of Heaven.


Success Touch of Heaven Peppermint Bath SaltsSuccess Touch of Heaven Peppermint Bath SaltsYoung Entrepreneurs Success Touch of Heaven Peppermint Soap

After a hard day at work or school…

Youth Entrepreneurs' Success Touch of Heaven Lavender Bath SaltsYouth Entrepreneurs' Success Touch of Heaven Lavender Soap Touch of Heaven Strawberry Bath Salt

…nothing beats a Touch of Heaven.


Price List:


Tall: $8

Short: $10


Single bar: $5

Double bar: $10


Tall + Double bar :$16

Single bar + Short $13

The feeling you are left with…


CLICK HERE to order your little Touch of Heaven today.


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