The 2017/18 FIRST® LEGO® League Competition! 44 of the best teams came to Acadia to compete!

by Rais August 7, 2018

The challenge - To learn all about water.
How we find, transport, use, and dispose of it.
By Teen Reported Deanna D.

The FIRST® LEGO® League and Robofest championships. was fierce! If you were not there, you missed some spectacular moments. The competition involved over 300 team members, coaches and mentors, 135 volunteers, and 30 VIPs from across Nova Scotia and beyond.

On February 17, 2018, marked the 13th year for the Provincial Robot Programming Championship in Nova Scotia. Also on this day,  44 of the best of the best teams came to Acadia to compete for the Nova Scotia FIRST® LEGO® League and Robofest championships.

The ROYAL ROBOTS from Annapolis Royal Acadia Robotic WinnersThe main floor was full of energy, curiosity, and anticipation. The excitement spilled into the packed stands of cheering family and friends. Check out some wicket PHOTOS

FYI!  The ROBOFEST Senior High School team, The ROYAL ROBOTS from Annapolis Royal advanced to the World Championships, competed in two competitions and brought home the Gold Medal for first place in one category and the Silver Medal for second in the other.

 We can now say that we have Robotic World Champions right in Nova Scotia. Stay tuned, more photos and story to come.

To see how each team placed and more photos, visit their website – Acadia Robotics 

If you ask team members how was the event, you will hear, fun—exciting—great teamwork—meet new people—a must for everyone!

Acadia RoboticsDon’t worry if you missed the above competition…There is always this NEW one! Book your team today!

2018 – 19 Provincial Robot Programming Championship is titled “Into Orbit” The theme for this coming year’s event is Space.

Who can get involved? 

Youth from age nine to students in grade 12 may participate. Teams may be formed through schools, parents, or community groups.

How can you get involved? 

 Cool Competition Video Picks – Check it out! 

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