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by Chikako June 12, 2024

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#27 Daniel wining wordF.O.M.O?

Get ready for the latest edition of Spill The Tea!

In this edition, we are excited to provide an inside look at the highly-anticipated Spelling BEE event! Join us as we delve into the world behind the scenes and engage with the talented winning circle from the 18th Annual Regional Educators Program (REP) Provincial Spelling BEE.

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#27 Daniel Ajuwon – 1st Place Cape Breton

Daniel Ajuwon

#06 Tirenioluwa Akinmejiwa  – 2nd Halifax West Region

#70 Darasimi Esan – 3rd Northern Region

3rd #70 Darasimi Esan

2024 Spelling BEE -To read the article Click Here

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