Sterling K. Brown Talks Film Production

by Chikako June 14, 2022

Washington Black crew empowers Nova Scotian Youth

Magic happens for youth, when you  create a space for opportunities, possibilities, and dreams to come true, says Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

Library staffThanks to  the crew of Washington Black; Sterling K. Brown, Ernest Kingsley Jr, Lola Evans, Selwyn Sefyu Hind and Wanuri Kahiu, for investing your time off set.  Community investors Jessica Bowden M.S.M. CEO of Teens Now Talk, Alex Ross Family Over Fame, Aaliyah Arab-Smith and the Halifax North Library team . On June 20th, magic happened.

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Sterling K. Brown
photo by Paul Adams Photography

“Wow, I’m fifteen and I had the chance to meet Sterling K. Brown, The man who was in Black Panther and the TV show, This Is Us. I know he is a huge celebrity, but he was so down to earth and cool, you almost forgot.” Hope Abajunea

Sterling K. Brown in Washington Black
Sterling K. Brown (“Medwin Harris”), and Jessica Bowden M.S.M. CEO of Teens Now Talk
Ernest Kingsley Jr,
Ernest Kingsley Jr,

“Washington Black” is adapted from Esi Edugyan’s novel of the same name. The nine-episode series is set in the 19th century and follows Washington “Wash” Black (Ernest Kingsley Jr.) as he flees from a Barbados sugar plantation after a shocking death threatens to upend his life.

He becomes the protégé of Medwin Harris (Sterling K. Brown), who plays a Black refugee from Nova Scotia who serves as the de facto major of Black Halifax.

Iola Evans (“Tanna Goff”)

While trying to outrun his past and the hunters  he meets Tanna (Lola Evans). A young wealthy British woman who passed as white.  Secretly born to a Melanesian mother on the Solomon Islands, forcing her and her father to flee London for Nova Scotia. Tanna’s father pushes her into an arranged marriage with a white merchant. To protect her, but she falls in love with Wash and begins to wonder what her life could be like with him.

Below: Wanuri Kahiu – Series director on set, as well as, a film director, producer, and author. She is considered to be “one of Africa’s most aspiring directors, Full bio  Selwyn Sefyu Hinds is executive produced and also serves as showrunner. Selwyn Seyfu Hinds is a producer and writer, known for Washington BlackThe Twilight Zone (2019), and Prince of Cats  

Washington Black crew enjoyed BLM designs from shop. Another powerful division of the Teens Now Talk’s empire. A platform for youth and curious parents at home or in school, to be seen be heard and be the voice while giving back to the communities and raising the social consciousness of today’s society.

Selwyn Sefyu Hinds Washington Black  Wanuri Kahiu,

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