Up Close and Personal With Julia Tynes

Chikako by Chikako October 5, 2017

Winning Artist, Emerging Artist.

As a recent recipient of the ANSMA Emerging Artist of the year award, and having recently finished showcasing at the ECMAs, Julia Tynes has just started to carve a powerful path towards success.

Born and raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Toronto-based Pop/R&B singer Julia Tynes’ unique musical style can be distinguished by her use of sweet pop vocals, girl-power sass, and her signature story-driven lyrics, to create music that feels instantly relatable. Julia is a vocalist, songwriter, and choreographer, whose passion for entertaining has led her to follow her dreams and become a strong role model for young women.

As she develops as an artist, it is important to her that she represents where she comes from: growing up in a multi-racial Nova Scotia family, she will always be an East Coast girl at heart. To her, that means being able to appreciate the small things in her life, like the beautiful ocean view from her grandmother’s house, or remembering special moments like laughing so hard she cried (see lyrics from her single “After You”). These are the kinds of things that matter to her and that she wants to write about; they seem small, but their beauty is tremendous.

“After You” is the first release from Julia’s debut album, The Girl in Every Song, and has received radio airplay on CBC, Atlantic and CKDU 88.1. Julia was this year’s recipient of the African Nova Scotia Music Association (ANSMA) Emerging Artist of the Year Award, showcased with ANSMA at the 2016 East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs), and played to her biggest audience to date at the legendary Stan Rogers Folk Festival – 20,000 people! She is looking forward to what the rest of 2017 & 2018 will bring.

What message would you like to give our youth readers? 

You have to know that everyone is on their own path and journey, so be patient with yourself, but seize every opportunity. Believe in your own work – own it.

What is up and coming? 

To release my new album and work on my new video.

What is one of your dreams? 

One of my dreams-come-true would be to get some national airplay.

What was one of the challenges you faced in the industry? 

Whew, there can be a few, but mainly, I come from a biracial background and it’s important to me to see performers who represent me and Canada, as diverse. Getting in front of your audience, having people take a chance on you, finding people who are willing to believe in your even if you are young, you need the experience to gain experience, gain confidence.

Julia is being recorded and produced by the sought-after engineer, Mike Smith, at the highly esteemed Phase One Studios. Mike has worked with superstars such as Travis Scott, Boi-1da, and Fefe Dobson. “Working with Mike has been a dream come true. people say you need to get discovered, or have that one person to believe in your and Mike Smith is that,” says Julia. You must treat your music career as a full-time job, but you also have a full-time job!

Check out http://juliatynes.com for more!

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