The Word Is OUT! Award Winning R&B Artist JRDN Is Performing at the XPO!

by Chikako November 1, 2018

Over 3000 students from schools across Nova Scotia are in for a surprise of a lifetime! XPO's Celebrity guest JRDN will perform his hit single, U Can Have It All. PLUS, reveal his new release, BETTER, on the Passport 2 You-th Success XPO stage!

XPO’s Celebrity guest is, the award-winning, Halifax-born, Toronto-based R&B star  JRDN.

JRDN will take the Passport 2 You-th Success XPO (P2YS XPO) stage on November 13 and 14, 2018 to empower, inspire and perform to thousands of grade 9–12 youth.

Performing his hit single U Can Have It Aland Like Magic, is just part of the excitement. As an added bonus  JRDN will take to the P2YS XPO stage and wow the crowd with his new releases  Better and Rumors that has everyone talking about.

Youth attending the 8th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO will have the opportunity to get up close with JRDN,  receive autographs and selfie in the celebrity corner.

PLUS, if you’re lucky, and listen to  101.3 Virgin Radio’s Pump It or Dump It. You and your friend can win a dinner with JRDN. CLICK HERE FOR CONTEST. 

I love this contest idea, it’s unique and it’s going to be fun hanging out with fans, says JRDN. I will make sure, I bring some cool swag lol

We are honored to have JRDN back in Hali to perform says XPO organizer, Jessica Bowden M.S.M.

This powerful 2-day XPO is deemed, “The Best Field Trip Ever”, by students and educators.  It’s free for youth to attend IF booked with their school. In brief – the XPO offers over sixty exhibitors ready to assist in the development of today’s youth on a social, personal, educational, physical and career development. Watch Video

Turning Passion Into A Profession

JRDN with MGP Youth JRDN (a.k.a. Jordan Croucher) is proof that you can turn your passion into a profession. Growing up with two passions, basketball and music, JRDN succeeded in both.

“I was 11 years old, but I found my two passions within seven or eight months apart and I knew I had a voice, but at a young age,” says JRDN.

“I had friends make fun of me, so I didn’t sing a lot, I just focused on basketball, not really thinking of making a career out of music.”

Little did he know, it gets better.

Here’s a look at the professional and personal growth of Juno-nominated, singer-songwriter, JRDN, beautifully captured by his cousin and filmmaker, Cazhhmere.

Let’s Get 2 Know JRDN

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the beautiful east coast of Canada, JRDN started out as a basketball superstar playing for his university team at St. Francis Xavier and then turned professional, playing for France’s national team!

“I pursued music more while in university after I hooked up with a band who was studying in the grad department,” says JRDN. “They’d heard me sing at karaoke, national anthems for hockey playoffs and they wanted me to lead for the band. That is when the thought crossed my mind that one day, when the basketball stops, maybe try a hand at music singing.”

Believing in his music dreams, and with the right opportunities aligning for him, Jordan Croucher decided to put down the ball and picked up the mic.

Jordan the international basketball star was transformed into JRDN the award-winning, Halifax-born, Toronto-based R&B star who has the world still singing to his hit single U Can Have It All.

Throughout this journey, JRDN, released his official album, IAMJRDN” opened for superstars like Rihanna and Ne-Yo to then having his own Canadian tour.

 IAMJRDN”   is really a representation of just that: who I am, where I come from and all the things that have inspired me on the journey to who I am today.

Let’s Fast-forward to 2018,

Sometime people need to step back, reflect, redefine and come back stronger, this is true for our award-winning guest JRDN.

The R&B prodigy Jordan Croucher (aka JRDN) is now back with a new single called BETTER — a powerful life journey about change, growth and showing things do get better. o, going forward you can expect a new single plus an album, there’s ton of new music to be release in the new yea

Having that time away where I wasn’t able to put out music has helped me step back and figure out how I can come back and fit in with my own twist on what’s going on,” says JRDN.

Everything I’m ready to put out isn’t trying to fit any format. Now that I have this leeway to do what I want creatively, I’ve just been making music that I love.

Keep your eyes and ears open for JRDN’S NEW SINGLE!

 CHECK OUT more, JRDN – Facebook Fan Page   JRDN – Twitter

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