KIN CREW on the P2YS XPO stage!

by Chikako November 1, 2019

Kin Crew's new single IJNY -ft. BRDGS is setting the world on fire!  Millions of online streams, gaining fans from one continent to another, the world NOW knows KIN CREW's names!

Kin Crew’s new single IJNY -is setting the world on fire! 

L Brandon Todd – Parker R-Gee Clarke, aka Kin Crew, have every right to smile because their hard work has paid off!


To start, being recognized for their unique and award-winning music style. Then next, teaming up with multiple top-40 artists like JRDN, Peter Jackson, BRDGS and Jillea. Followed by collaborating with big producers such as Niiko x SWAE and LNY TNZ. To completing a powerhouse recording session with BRDGS, and creating their latest hit single IJNYI Just Need You Ft. BRDGS.


IJNYI Just Need You—is available on every music platform, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Reach out to Kin Crew at @kincrewmusic.


Want to know Kin Crew better?

Click below and read their “Up Close” interview.


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