Local Artist Profile: Triple Threat, Shay Pitts

Chikako by Chikako October 24, 2017

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Up & Coming Hot Local Talent – Shay Pitts

A new up and coming female artist entering the world of hip-hop and pop from Enfield, Nova Scotia. Shay Pitts is fearless and determined to make an impact. Shay found her love of music early, however, only recently started exploring her musical talents. What began as writing songs in her room and recording on her iPhone turned into Studio time and two singles!

Navigating the musical landscape can be hard, even for a seasoned professional. Shay was fortunate to gain support from Corey Writes, who was Master of Ceremony for Emerge II in May 2017. Shay was there supporting her Friend Jody Upshaw, and it turned into Shay going on stage for the first time to perform her song, “We Got Love”. She also stepped up to the mic for the end Cypher with seasoned MC’s and held her own. From that point on Shay was hooked. Shay then had an opportunity to write a song for Jody Upshaw, where she also was asked to feature. Their duo, “Glitter and Gold” was performed all summer at various venues and was released on September 11, 2017 along with a debut music video.

Shay is confident and knows that there are not many female rappers out there, especially locally in Nova Scotia. She understands the hard work it will take to breakthrough, and is determined to make her mark locally and hopefully, one day, internationally. Shay’s message for young people is to never give up and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something… prove them wrong and do you!

Check out Shay Pitts’ music here! http://soundcloud.com/shaypitts
Check out Shay Pitts on Social Media here! 

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