Texting while driving is a lethal combination!

by Jessica Bowden August 30, 2018

TNT Teens has the solution!
All you NEW drivers getting ready to test your
independence on the road...
Pay attention!

Meet PaT©! The TNT Teens’ simple, safe solution that costs nothing, could save you lots of money and possibly your life, or another’s!
Yes, TWD CALW. BITD people worried about DD, now we’re adding TWD to the mix!

Stop and think of the last time you saw — or even worse, have been in the car with — someone whose eyes were down on their phone TWD.

Then within seconds lifted their head JIT to HTB before smashing into the back end of another car. Brakes squeal, everyone takes a sigh of relief, AAS, and then the OMGs and what-ifs stay in your head for a few days!

Seriously, was the person on the other end of the phone more important than your life? I know you say, “He/she is to die for,” but not literally! If your peeps respect you, they’ll wait until you can safely reply or see them 2NITE or 2moro!

Was the 411 a matter of life or death? Was their telling you about what the next person said, or sharing yesterday’s gossip worth putting your safety and others’ in jeopardy?

Do you want to lose your licence because of distractions?
Here are just some of the consequences of TWD!

NS TWD penalties have increased

  1. Learner’s licences — receive four demerit points (you’ll lose your licence for six months)
  2. Pay a huge fine – increased now to $233.95 for a first offence and UP! So WTWI?
  3. Possibly hurt someone or yourself really bad.
  4. TWD is not worth It! Just think PaT©

What R Teens Really Saying???

BAG – Busting a Gut                                    BITD – Back in the day

DD – Drunk Drivers                                     CALW  – Came a Long Way
WTWI – Were They Worth It                    WTWI  – Was Texting Worth it

2moro  – Tomorrow                                      411 –  Information

2nite  – Tonight                                             TWD  – Texting While Driving
WAD  – What a Drag                                    HTB –  Hit the Brakes

JIT –  Just in Time                                          DBH –  Don’t be Hatin’
AWTTW –  A Word to the Wise                   NS – Nova Scotia
BTW  – Behind the Wheel                            B4U –  Before You
PaT  – Park and Talk                                     AAS –  Alive and Smiling

DBMAC  – Dad Buy Me A Car     

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