Feeling Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dear Diva

I am getting ready for a new school year and I am a bit excited and scared. See, some of my classmates who were not very nice to me — and that’s putting it nicely — in junior high will be in my high school class. I believe people can change, but I am afraid I will be the one changing to protect myself. I am tired of trying to act hard when they come around, telling people and nothing really being done, pains in my stomach at the thought of school, and last but not least, having the feeling of fear run up my spine when I run into them outside of school and the anger I feel after they leave. Oh, Diva, I wish I can stop this bullying. Any advice will help me and many more, I am sure.


Dear Feeling Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dear Diva Character

Dear Feeling Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Be yourself; this is what makes you so special. Enter your new school knowing you will succeed and be the best you can be, no one can take that from you. Bullies have a way of making you think there is something wrong with you, when in fact there is something wrong with them. And they don’t want to see it, show it or say it…it’s sad actually because they were sweet once and I always wonder what happened to make them react this way. Were they bullied and felt they had to protect themselves? Did they not get the attention and now will do anything for attention even if it means getting them in trouble? Then I think did they have someone who believed in them and then I see their pain which they can’t speak but want you to feel.

As for the ones being bullied, I always say: Remember there is strength in numbers, for a bully will not step to you if they don’t have a crowd to impress…some say they’re cowards. I say they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

I asked the help of some TNT teens to help me with the question and they responded in huge numbers to show support and put a stop to the violence. See, Feeling like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you’re not alone…hundreds of teens are there with you helping to put a stop to the bullying. Remember there is strength in numbers and an action (walking away) speaks louder than words.


Make no mistake, both boys and girls can be bullies and bullying can begin as early as kindergarten and can affect children from any socio-economic background, racial group or area. Bullying is when someone physically, emotionally, or mentally hurts another person on purpose, either to feel good or to have a sense of power. Bottom line – bullying hurts.

 Types of bullying include:

  • Physical bullying
  • Relational bullying (spreading gossip and rumours or excluding people in social situations)
  • Peer sexual harassment
  • Stereotyping (threats or bullying because of the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity)
  • Cyber bullying (bullying through e-mail, text messaging or other digital means)

Some people bully to feel tough. Others do it to feel like they’re in charge or to get approval from their peers. Bullies look for insecure people who they can pick on but on the flip side, these bullies are weaker then you, they’re scared, alone, have something to hide, or are jealous of the person they’re bullying.

Yes, the child who’s feeling helpless, scared and alone. The one who’s being called names, threatened, chased home crying…and that’s being nice! TNT Teens say…it’s time to make a change.

B – Believe in yourself.
U – Understand what a bully says about you is wrong – they want a reaction.
L – Let it go. Ignore them and walk away.
L – Learn to keep your cool, even when it hurts. Again, they’re looking for attention.
I  – “I don’t deserve to be bullied” – say it, believe it, live it, share it!
E – Eye contact is a powerful thing. Keep your head up, show you’re not afraid.
D –Discuss if you’re being bullied. Tell a parent or friend… you’re not alone in this.

~ Diva

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