I Don’t get It

Push pin

Dear Diva

I believe I have been cursed and cannot find true love. The girls I date all seem like they are mad or out to make me pay for someone else’s mistakes. I’m a jock, but I’m also a romantic. I believe in nice dinners, walks, and good conversation. Instead, I attract women who turn conversations into arguments, meals into indigestion, and who make me want to run after our second or third date.


Dear I Don't get It

Dear Diva Character

Dear I Don't get It

It sounds like you haven’t met the right woman to appreciate all you have to offer. There is no need to rush into anything – take time to know the person before you show them all your great traits. Take time for yourself right now, and stop looking! Then you might see the real person, who may have been trying to get your attention for months.

~ Diva

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