I Need a Cape

Push pin

Dear Diva

New school, new friends and, yes, new bullies. I feel alone in a huge school but I smile when I’m around people so they do think I can be an easy target. Some days it makes no difference, they make fun of my clothes or my hair and they walk away laughing. Other days they push me around like a rag doll and I pretend I am not there, so I don’t feel so embarrassed. I wish someone would just stand up and say, “Leave them alone.” They say this will pass — well I wish my “stand up and defend the bullied” superpowers will come soon — I need a cape!


Dear I Need a Cape

Dear Diva Character

Dear I Need a Cape

You are not alone. People today do not want to be labeled a bull because they know it is them that look weak. In school, they’re spreading rumours, making derogatory marks, name-calling, teasing. Plus, people today are not prepared to stand around anymore and watch someone pick on someone weaker than them to impress another. People are standing up, putting on their capes and helping those who cannot. Talk to your parents, a teacher or a person you trust. You will find you are NOT alone!

~ Diva

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