Scared Beyond my Age

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Dear Diva

With all the crime in our communities, I am afraid to even hang outside at times. Just last week two of my friends had to bury their cousins and this week I saw a drug bust go down right on my street. My mother works hard to make sure I am protected, but when I leave my door, I don’t feel protected anymore. I am only twelve. Gee, what do I have to look forward to or face when I am twenty?


Dear Scared Beyond my Age

Dear Diva Character

Dear Scared Beyond my Age

First thing, I would encourage you to talk to your mother; it’s cool you know to share how you feel. Next thing is to turn fear into change. When speaking, share why you are afraid to go outside – is it the unknown or is someone bothering you? These talks are so important and this way she can put people and things in place to help you become more secure. If she doesn’t know, she or others can’t help. Lastly, you have the whole world in your hands, you can dream and become whatever you desire. You also have the power to make the choices – you are going to be one of the people who will create change, for if you are thinking about it now, by the time you turn twenty, you will be creating or working on the solutions

~ Diva

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