From The Mouth Of Babe #1

Family Bonding NOT!

Our class decided is was a great idea to have a “Bring a family member to school day.” Knowing all I have was a big mouth little sister, I disagreed but was out voted. The following week, I took my sister and gave her the “Big Sis warning,” don’t say to much and keep family stuff inside the walls of the house.

This worked for about 3 seconds, then Babe decided to walk over the guest chair decorated in purple bows and share. She started off by saying “purple is my fav colour and it’s also the color underwear my sister is wearing today, unfortunately it does not match her bra because I heard mom yell, she was to lazy to do her laundry yesterday. But what she does have on that match is her fake nails and bra padding that she put in to impress a guy name Paul. Just then, I leaped from my seat, rushed to the front of the class and placed my hand over her mouth and ran out the room. Agggg, she’ll never come to school with me again, Talk about Embarrassing!

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