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Explosive Topics

We realize teens are the experts when it comes to real teen issues. Our youth writers and expert columnists bring you the latest in environment, education, careers, culture, travel, technology, entertainment, health n’ beauty, fashion n’ trends and much more!

Powerful Teen Poetry

Teens Now Talk Magazine was created to be a platform for teens to express themselves and get their work out there in the world! Every issue features inspiring poetry and short stories written by teens on issues that matter to them.

Cool Contests

Are you ready to be a winner!? Teens Now Talk Magazine features a large number of contests which means lots of chances to win! Subscribe today so you never miss an opportunity!

Fun Content

There’s never a dull moment when you’re checking out Teens Now Talk Magazine! We’ve got tons of fun stuff to keep you entertained such as hilarious embarrassing moments shared by teens, quizzes, secret codes, horoscopes and plenty more!

Amazing Advice

We know that being a teen isn’t easy. That’s why in every issue we put together some of the best advice we can find to help youth deal with all types of situations. From school, to relationships, bullying, health, money and finances, politics, spirituality and more!

DaBomb 411

Want to know the word on the street!? We’ve got DaBomb 411! We let you know what’s going on in your community so you can stay up to date with what’s happening.