Push pin

Not Really Gone

The alarm goes off
It’s the start of class
I’m called to the office
I run down there fast

The phone falls from my hands
I run out of the school
And cry in the woods
I’ve been such a fool

That’s when I see her
Standing in the rain
Then I start to wonder
Am I really sane

She sits there and talks to me
As I cry on her shoulder
The weight of the world is lifting
The pain the size of boulders

She tells me it’s alright
And that she’ll always be there
She says she’ll never leave me alone
And that she’ll always care

She then says she has to leave
But that she’ll be back again
As she turns to walk away
And vanishes in the rain

Everyone tries to tell me
That she’s never coming back
“You’re wrong!” I scream, bursting into tears
I’ve seen her and that’s a fact

I see a shrink every week now
They all think I’m crazy
I talk to no one anymore
Real life seems so hazy

Every night she comes to talk
And ask me how I’m dealing
I cry and rant to her all the time
The only one who knows how I’m feeling

Years have gone by
She is forgotten in the end
I still see her every night
And talk to her like a friend

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