Push pin


Stumbling down the long drive,
Laughing like fools but we are not,
Black hats and sunglasses bring us out,
From the crowds of “all the sames” and “know it alls.”

Our shoes pound the pavement like they own it,
Singing of beautiful people and crossed hearts,
Think we were out,
Getting with the clouds of smoke,
But we don’t care.

We don’t need that,
We get high off life,
You shut us out and laugh in our faces,
We don’t care,
We laugh too.

You’re not a judge,
So do not judge us,
You need a gavel, a jury,
What are we charged with?
Nothing, having fun, being us,

Non-conformity is our best friend,
Showing us who we truly are,
As a great person I know once said,
We do not like labels,
We are not a certain thing,
We are simply OURSELVES.

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