Push pin

Remember who I Am

I’m not a perfect girl.

I’m not in a perfect world.

I’m not the prettiest,

I don’t have perfect teeth,

I’m not the ideal weight,

I’m not the ideal height,

I don’t play the ideal sports.


But what I am is a girl.

A sixteen-year-old girl who stands a tall 5’9″

I am a Canadian in the eleventh grade.

I have real friends and I am a wrestler.

I don’t let people walk all over me

I am there for the ones who mean the most to me.

I don’t trust many people,

So my friends I trust.

I do also have many acquaintances.

But what I try to do in life

Is be a role model to other girls

To encourage them to be

Who they want to be,

and don’t let them fall.

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