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BLM Contest Youth Speak Out Video 3 – RMS

January 5, 2021

BLM contest has youth speaking out. With over 50 powerful entries, we could not pick a 1st place winner! So we did the next best thing, we had 15 winners

BLM Contest Youth Speak Out

 Everyone left a winner, the top fifteen winners received our uniquely designed BLM Backpack for their awesome written and artistic submissions.

BLM Armbands

All who entered received a BLM armband and RMS facemask. To see us being called into the Ridgecliff Middle school office click Video #1 lol. Or to see us open the Backpack filled entries from students. Click the link for Video #2 and here BLM Artwork to see some of the awesome Artwork

Teens Now Talk BackPackEd Campaign. Proceeds from every Teens Now Talk Apparel Black Lives Matter T-shirt and Black Lives Matter Hoodie provided support and youth initiatives. The BackPack Ed empowered our Black, Brown, and Ally youth within communities and schools across Nova Scotia, with a powerful voice to help make the CHANGE!,


Teens Now Talk BLM BackPackEd Campaign.Over 400 empowering Black Lives Matter backpacks, filled with school supplies were handed out through community school bag giveaways. Backpacks in New Glasgow

Also, backpacks were distributed during our Halifax and New Glasgow BLM youth Rallies, and outstanding school contest prizes.

Backpacks in New GlasgowEnjoy our Black Lives Matter Nova Scotia, journey through the words and artwork of our youth of today. Special thank you to the organizer, Jessica Bowden M.S.M for continuing to provide youth with a platform for their voice. Click around the site to see the full journey on

To purchase your Black Lives Matter apparel and help us to continue helping youth, visit our shop – CLICK the Link  Teens Now Talk Apparel and enjoy Fashion With A Purpose while keeping the movement and giving going.

Click the link to see the BLM contest video for Video #1  or for Video #2

PS Let’s see if you read our post lol – Find 5-mistakes and follow us on all social media platforms. Then we will enter your name into the draw to win a Black Lives Matter Hoodie. Email your mistakes to

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