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Comfy Couch Conversations – with Erinn Smith of CBDC

July 24, 2018

Comfy Couch Conversations - Come Have a Seat!
Today’s youth interview the businesses, individuals, and organizations to explore opportunities while discovering and sharing to their viewers, WHAT youth should do TODAY to secure their Career path for TOMORROW.

Comfy Couch Conversation ~ Empowering Youth

“The key to effectively engaging the youth demographic is simple,” says Jessica Bowden, MSM. “Know your A, B, C, D, and E’s.”

Times are changing and with 91% of millennials anticipating staying in a job for less than 2.5 years, the time is NOW to show youth the opportunities and careers within their communITY and to bring our youth into the boardrooms and start talking careers.

Empowering today’s youth is only the first step. Next, you must engage them while enhancing their future.

Comfy Couch Conversations is an innovative and creative way to speak with youth and share information about your business while empowering them and their skills. 

“The whole concept is ingenious,” says Erinn Smith, Executive Director, Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) 

“Today’s youth interview businesses, individuals, and organizations to explore opportunities, while discovering and sharing their viewers, which have not be heard of,” says teen interviewer Honey Nadigatla.

“We are excited and nervous to meet people in top positions but afterward, you walk away with a WOW, and wanting their positions (lol),” says Davana Parsons.

“The total experience is powerful and when you finish you are truly pumped and ready to start your own career or search what education is needed to reach your dream career,” says Sathishkumar Nadigatla.

You’re NEXT!

Our goal is to show the youth the abundance of opportunities, professions, and trades within Nova Scotia. Youth interviewers visit you at your location and ask questions about your career and your educational path, identify some possible hurdles, find out how you are impacting your community and, most importantly, how youth can get involved — to name just a few.

“The key is to show our thousands of youth viewers what path, education, courses, and steps are required to be in your career, or how to become involved in your initiatives before they get into grade 12 and it’s too late,” says, Jessica Bowden, inspirational speaker, program strategist, engagement consultant, facilitator and five-time award-winning entrepreneur. Jessica Bowden (MSM) delivers engaging sessions that inspire youth to turn their hobbies into professions and empower their voices with the confidence. Youth discover each of them has their very own superhero power, to impact their world in a larger, positive way and seek tangible results.

“I believe in being proactive when I see smoke, not being forced to react when I see fire,” says Jessica. “Today’s youth are putting up SOS signals and they need to know people can read the signs.”

Come have a seat in our Comfy Couch and start the Conversations — you’ll be glad you did.

To book your spot call 902 492-2474 – Susan Shea, ext. 2; Trent Bouch, ext. 3; Ms. Jessica Bowden (MSM), ext. 1

Enjoy the video and share!

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